I would first like to introduce myself to the Pittsburgh Metroblogging community. My name is Laura, and I just turned 20. As a person under 21 in Pittsburgh, it can sometimes (or always), be difficult to find things to do that do not require a fake I.D. or a barney T-shirt. However, I believe that it can be done. I’ve decided to focus my entries for this blog, about things to do and places to go in Pittsburgh, when you are under 21. I will also try my best to make my writing as coherent and grammatically correct as possible. I currently reside at Duquesne University where I’m majoring Multimedia Development and possibly minoring in Political Science. I like to sleep, eat, be on my computer, play videogames, and go to shows- usually in that order. Now you know me- let’s begin.

Today is monday, monday isn’t too difficult- as you’re usually tired and have a lot of homework. Perhaps you’re sick of being at home, or you can’t stand your roommate, and you need to get work done. Then, I’d suggest the following coffee shops to go to.

Squirrel Hill- 61c Cafe, The Coffee Tree (technically their name is Coffee Tree Roasters, but no one calls them that) , the Tango Cafe, and the Barnes & Noble coffee shop (you can read a book and then put it back). Although there are evil Starbucks coffee shops, I do not suggest them, not only because of my morals, but also because they can get very crowded and loud. This applies to Panera’s, as well (although it can be better than Starbucks).

Oakland- You’ve got your two Kiva Hans, the Carnegie Library (and if you are young, you can go to the students section in the back). In fact, the Carnegie Library’s student section is really cool- they have computers, DDR, chairs, couches, magazines, and activities. They also tell older people to wait until later before going in there- as it is specifically reserved just for students.

Downtown- Crazy Mocha just moved in on forbes avenue, which is really awesome. There are other fast food chains, but Crazy Mocha is really about it for real coffee shops.

Southside- The Beehive is the most popular spot for coffee shop-goers. There’s also another evil Starbucks across the road.

Lawrenceville- Crazy Mocha and I think there are one or two more, but I can’t remember them right now.

Garfield- The Quiet Storm is probably my favorite coffee shop in all of Pittsburgh. Although they no longer have live music, they still retain a certain Bohemian atmosphere that makes me think of Sherlock Holmes meets Paris Revolutionaries- with a twist of Pittsburgh hipsters. The inside is not only aesthetically colorful, but it also attracts many colorful characters. I highly recommend this coffee shop.

East Liberty- The most popular place is the Shadow Lounge.

Highland Park- There are two very popular coffee shops in Highland Park- The Union Project Coffee Shop (it also has amazingly good sandwiches, soups, and salads, mmmm) and Enrico’s Tazza D’oro. Tazza D’oro is the apple of the neighborhood’s coffee eye. (I hope that makes sense).

Point Breeze- “Make your Mark”- If you take a right off of Fifth Ave. at Reynolds, and yield left, and follow the road for about thirty seconds, you will find this little coffeeshop. Here’s a blog review of it. It only stays open until about 7 pm- but it’s clean, friendly, and quiet. Now, there also used to be a small coffee shop on Penn Ave. (about a block down from Frick Park) and I’ve heard rumors that it is opening up again- but I’m not sure exactly where it is in that process.

NorthSide- From my understanding, there are quite a few little coffee shops on the Northside. I went to one really cool one, that had been started by a bunch of young people who moved here. I’ve only been to one so far, as it’s a bit further than I usually venture by foot. The coffee shop I’ve been to is named the Amani International Coffeehouse & Cafe. I had a really yummy soft pretzel when I was there, too. It was quiet, actually, we were the loud people- as we were stuffing envelopes for a campaign. I think we stuffed 500 envelopes while we were there. Needless to say, they’re nice people for letting us make it into an impromptu campaign Headquarters on a saturday afternoon.

There are also coffee shops in the suburbs, but since I don’t have a car on campus, and they’re further than I need to go, I’m just going to post this link and you can peruse it at your leisure. I’m sure that I am missing many coffee shops, but I’m sure everyone can fill in the rest.

I know I’m missing a lot, but hey, now you have somewhere to go on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday!!

Feel free to add other coffee shops (that do not require you to be 21 and over).

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  1. Kristen (unregistered) on February 5th, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

    I totally feel your pain about being under 21–it’s absolutely terrible here in Seattle. Practically all of the show are 21+, and the ones that aren’t have this rule about not allowing re-entry for under-21ers. It’s ridiculous.

    Welcome to Metroblogging! :)

  2. moon (unregistered) on February 6th, 2007 @ 10:27 am

    I just discovered this site, and it looks great.

    I thought I’d add that, on the Northside, there’s also Beleza, which is a fantastic little cafe that’s been open for a little less than a year.

    And although it’s tough for city denizens without a car, The Vault in Brighton Heights also bears mentioning for those who have more reliable transportation, or who don’t mind riding their bikes up. For being slightly out of the way, it has a very dedicated following.

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