You gotta fight for your right to party!

It’s finally Friday and you survived the week- time to have fun! Next question: where to go in Pittsburgh on a friday night? I’d suggest picking up a “City Paper” during the week to find out the hottest events in the city. But, if you don’t feel like doing that and just want me to tell you- that’s fine, too! First question- where to eat? Second question- what do you want to do after you’ve eaten? (p.s. I will be doing another post tomorrow for saturday night!)

1. My personal suggestions for places to eat are both on Atwood Street in Oakland. The India Garden has really good Indian food and it’s half off before 6 and after 10 pm. Yummm.. A bit of friendly advice: the service isn’t always the most cheerful, but they aren’t unfriendly- don’t take it personally. Your food arrives quite quickly and if you can’t tolerate really spicy food, I suggest that you specify that you want it to be mild. My favorite dish is the Chicken Masala with Naan (which is a type of bread). The other place I really like is called Spice Island Tea House and it has really good southeast asian food. No, it’s not chinese food, so don’t go there expecting your usual general tso’s chicken or lo mein- but they do have awesome rices and curries. You’ll have to look closely when finding it- because it’s a bit of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place- but it fills up quickly and has a great atmosphere. Some friendly advice: they don’t take reservations,they won’t seat you until your entire group is there, and they close at 9 PM. The Post-Gazette also ranked it as a top date place and I concur with that. It’s usually populated by nearby college students and faculty members.

On to number 2!

One of my favorite things to do in Pittsburgh late at night is to go to a laser show at the Science Center. I know it sounds dorky but you’re in a surround screen dome thing and they play good music with a laser show that you watch. It attracts a good crowd- both under 21 and over 21. It starts around 9 or 10- it usually fills up so I suggest getting there a little ahead of time. The music includes classics such as Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Green Day, Pink Floyd, and something called Laser Laughs (which I haven’t seen yet). I’ve seen all of the other artists except for Depeche Mode, which I think is a recent add. The tickets will run you about 8 dollars but it’s definitely worth it. If you get there early, they have this pretty cool thing where you can pose against this wall, and press a button, then step away and you can still see your shadow. It’s pretty awesome- my friends and I did some Destiny’s Child poses- well, we got a little carried away and did about 15 poses.. we got kinda carried away with the entire “Fashion Shoot” idea. Anyways, it’s a good time! Here’s the link.

Feel like dancin’?!?!?!?! WPTS 92.1 is having a pre-valentine’s 80s dance at the Pitt Union tonight at 8:30 PM. Free food, drink, and live DJ’s spinnin.

So you’ve been stuck inside all week and now you wanna go do something outside. Then I’d suggest Ice Skating. Pittsburgh has two rinks in the city- Downtown at PPG Place and Schenley Ice Rink.. THe rink downtown is smaller than Schenley’s but it is really nice when all of the lights downtown are lit up. Downtown is open until midnight and Schenley is open until 11: 30 if you are 18+.

Are you a music junkie? One of the last remaining under-21 venues in Pittsburgh is named The Garfield Artworks. It’s located near the Quiet Storm in Garfield and it’s known for its alternative music- but really, its known for the guy who runs it- Manny Theimer. Manny is one of the great characters of Pittsburgh- he knows his music and he’s not afraid to let you know that. The venue is a bit small and is also used as an art gallery- but while you’re in Pittsburgh, I definitely suggest going there and seeing it for yourself. Tonight’s band is an expterimental german band called, “Porsches on the Autobahn” and is described on This is Happening (dot com), as having “Redefined the genre of German techno-pop”.

Maybe you just wanna chill and hangout with your friends- then the Beehive on the Southside is the place to go. With a big round couch area, lots of tables and chairs, food, good coffee, and free wi-fi it’s a hot spot of young people. A couple of doors down is Slackers, a store that caters to a certain alternative crowd- with cool messenger bags, anti-establishmentarian tshirts and magazines, and lots of things to go in your peircings- wherever that may be. Definitely worth checking out, although it’s a little pricey- they’re open until 10 on weekends.

Are you a pinball machine champion? The Best Air Hockey playah in the area? Then the Southside is the place to go. Boasting two video game arcades, you can easily spend your paycheck all in quarters!

The first place is Games N’at- the largest video game arcade in Pittsburgh. I’ve never been there but apparently it’s really awesome. I also have seen flyers for occasional under 21 shows there.
The second place is Ninja Entertainment- 1020 East Carson Street- it has video game and movie rentals as well as old school arcade games. You can’t miss it, with its ninja turtle paintings on the outside!

For gamers: I suggest CyberConxion in Squirrel Hill. Do you and your friends quietly throw LAN parties? DO you think you can beat everyone else at MarioKart? Then this is the place to go.

Lastly, now, I’m not suggesting you do anything illegal, but let’s say you want to throw your own, completely legal and dry party for your friends. Looking for decorations? Check out PaperMart. There are multiple ones in different locations but the one I always go to is on Baum Boulevard. 5000 Baum Blvd
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If you have more suggestions, leave a comment!


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  1. Mac (unregistered) on February 9th, 2007 @ 11:51 pm

    Theiner. Old heads will remember him from promoting shows at Millvale Industrial Theater, the Oakland Beehive, CMU, and innumerable other places, but they will remember him as Manny Theiner.

  2. Laura (unregistered) on February 11th, 2007 @ 2:07 am

    Heh, sorry about that misspelling. When I was writing it, I did consider which way it was spelled- I should have consulted the internet.

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