Photographic madness

All over the local political weblogging community people have been abuzz about the Mayor’s campaign website using some photos that were from the city’s website. I don’t really have standing to criticize the mayor for that, as I am always using photographs from the city website to make fun of him, but it does bring back to my mind something that has bothered me about Lukey since he came into office.

The first thing that Luke did when he fluked his way into mayorship was to start putting a heroic, hands-on-hips photograph of himself on everything he could, such as the ad you see here for a program he ripped off of martyred hero-mayor Bob O’Connor (thanks to Lukey batman Matt H for directing me to this image). When I drive down the street, there he is on billboards. When I head to the fridge to get a snack, there he is on my garbage collection schedule. And there is the same picture all over his campaign website.

Both on the internet and in real life I have seen and heard people making the argument that this is just one of the perks of incumbency, but Lukey’s use of city publications and advertising for what is clearly, common-sensically if not legally, an adjunct to his election campaign seems especially blatant to me, especially for a guy who was not elected and is in office only because of an accident of shifing alliances in city council (I hear Len Bodack wanted Twanda Carlisle as Council President, so things certianly could have been crookeder) and untimely death.

But, whatever, maybe everybody would do what he did. Maybe Bill Peduto, seen here resolving to reverse his weight gain, would. There is no way to know.

Well, except to ask, I guess. I sent this e-mail to Bill’s deputy campaign manager, who I corresponded a bit with when I was trying to raise hell about contraception:

Hello, Gloria,

I have been thinking over this thing with the Mayor’s photographs. It has sort of bothered me that he was using this heroic photo of himself on all the Redd-Up and Response Line literature for all this time leading up to the election. People I have talked to dismiss my discomfort, saying that this is just one of the perks of incumbency.

How true is that? If elected, will Bill put photos of himself on things like flyers promoting new city services or garbage collection schedules?


Mac Booker

Answers here when and if I get them.

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  1. apittsburghgal (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 12:43 am

    Mac, give Luke a break about the pictures. He is too busy traveling to NYC for dinner and drinks to have his picture taken or his own website.

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