Sam Adams comes back to western Pennsylvania

Samuel Adams will have a new home in Latrobe.

I mean the beer, of course, not the colonial firebrand, who is dead. It will be produced by contract brewer City Brewing, which also produces a bunch of its own crappy brands.

Wait, Sam Adams? Western Pennsylvania? Crappy brands? This sounds familiar.

Right you are, grassywhatnot. Years ago the Pittsburgh Brewing Company used to have that contract. It was a source of pride for good beer drinking Pittsburghers that the brewer of Old German and American Ice was also capable of brewing something half decent.

Of course, they were not, as it turned out, really capable of doing so, and before long they lost the contract. Since then they have sent out a huge batch of bad half barrels which they refused to take responsibility for, failed to pay their water bill, filed for bankruptcy, and changed hands. On the other hand, we have seen a surge in local good beer production, with Penn Brewery, our Troy Hill house of Reinheitsgebot and East End, big beer purveyor straight out of Homewood.

Those are fine and good, especially East End’s Kvass, which lacks a web presence, but it will be nice to have a big, national good beer brand we can be proud of back in (the immediate vicinity of) the Burgh.

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