Odd imagery

The Post-Gazette’s comfortable plebeian Rich Lord has a story about Councilman Jeff Koch, seen here testing the police department’s new kevlar hairspray:

Pittsburgh City Councilman Jeff Koch pulled his red pickup into crumbling Argyle Way to meet a swarm of upset Oakland residents last week, his truck cab littered not with laws, but with caulk tubes and duct tape.

Unanswered questions:

What would it look like to have a truck cab littered with laws? Would it be a torn-apart copy of the city code, or something a bit more esoteric? Would such a littering indicate a disrespect for statute or an all-encompassing preoccupation with the intricacies of ordinance?

The most important unanswered question is this: How do you pronounce Jeff Koch’s name? I have heard it pronounced half a dozen ways, including everything from the name of a masculine chicken to the term for someone who prepares foodstuffs. I tend toward the first when he does something I do not approve of, and the latter when I feel more charitable.

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