I was thinking about leaving, but I just love commissions so much


Fresh off the news that the region has lost more people this decade than any other metro area outside of New Orleans, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl [seen here being pushed out of the frame by a much more exciting young Pittsburgher] today announced the formation of a commission dedicated to keeping young professionals here.

The Propel Pittsburgh Commission has been in the works for months, and has already received City Council approval. Today the mayor, flanked by seven young professionals, officially opened the nomination process, inviting city residents between the ages of 20 and 34 to submit applications through the Boards and Commissions page of the city’s Web site. Applications are due April 27.

I have an idea: you could make the young people mayor. That might keep them here.

Seriously, though, this seems to be a pretty half-assed commitment from the Mayor’s office. Propel Pittsburgh is not in the list of boards and commissions, although there is an application you can send in to the Mayor’s office. Among the important questions on the application for boards and commissions (paraphrasing): What board or commission do you want to be on? What is your race? What is your religion? Is you from here?

Among the unimportant questions not on the application: Why do you want to be on this board or commission? Would you be any good at it? How so?

I think that I might apply. I don’t have any particular qualifications, but neither does anyone else I know. I am sure that someone like me would be welcome. After all, the Mayor wouldn’t want to just fill it up with people who spend all their time working for the party and kissing Luke’s ass.

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