Lists are, like, totally the new black

Everybody loves lists these days. You can’t click on a mouse without coming across a list of the best movies, worst movies, favorite television moments or hottest celebrity couples. How much longer will it be before somebody compiles a top twenty list of the best lists? Not long, probably.

Time magazine is in the process of narrowing down the most influential people of the year and they want your help. Yes, that’s right – you. The editors at Time narrowed it down to 200 people and want reader input on who should actually make it into the top 100. As of this writing, Stephen Colbert is ranked number one in their top 5 list. Also making that list is Sidney Crosby. Being a Pittsburgh sports fan of the female persuasion, I certainly like me some Sidney Crosby. That being said, I’m not sure if he’s one of the most influential people of the year, but he’s certainly more deserving than some of the others who made the top 200 – Sanjaya? Paris and Perez Hilton? Really?

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