Most Livable Again


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl doesn’t remember the last time Pittsburgh was rated No. 1 in the country by “Places Rated Almanac.” That was in 1985, and he was only 5.

But he grew up in “America’s Most Livable City,” and last night said he was glad to hear that the latest edition of the almanac has again put Pittsburgh No. 1.

That’s the lede of the story; the most important thing, according to Dan Majors, about the whole thing. The Boy Mayor’s office agrees. Coming soon to a billboard near you:

Well, we will just have to learn to live with that, like we learned to live with looking at Luke every time we take out our garbage or have a concern about city services. It is nice to be number one again, especially since we have spent the past twenty-two years pretending that we had never stopped.

I, like the Mayor, was five the first and last time Pittsburgh was so named, and we held on to that designation like Kate Moss to an eightball, long after a dozen other cities had taken the prize, long after it had to be changed to “a most livable city” to avoid angering other honorees with our use of the definite article.

But none of that matters now. Back on top, yinz!

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