Canada needs some lovin’

In today’s Post-Gazette, columnist Samantha Bennett writes about Canada’s new marketing campaign. As of January 2008, driving across the northern border will require a passport. Canada is pretty worried that this new legislation will put a dent in their tourism industry. Considering that most people I know go to Canada for strip clubs, casinos and legally drunk 18-year olds, I don’t necessarily agree with Ms. Bennett’s thesis that Canada is the wholesome girl next door. However, I do wonder if the same people who like Canada for the aforementioned reasons will be as likely to go when the new law goes into effect.

Interestingly enough, I just arrived home from Montreal. Prior to this weekend, my own northern adventures were limited to Niagara Falls (when I was 3) and a high school chorus trip that involved the “Phantom of the Opera” and fine-dining at Medieval Times. Ouch. Fortunately, Montreal made up for all those bad memories. I don’t know about the “clubbin'” there, but I did stumble (quite literally) into some great microbreweries and the like. It’s a good place – a little slice of Europe in driving distance from da Burgh. What more can you ask for?

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