Legislators who don’t understand technology, part seven million and four

Tribune Review:

Using a cell phone to take snapshots or video of personal information should be a crime, according to a Lawrence County lawmaker who fears this rare form of identity theft might one day crop up in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Chris Sainato [seen here in his Pennsylvania Mustache Society ID picture, which I snuck up and snapped with my cell phone], D-New Castle, doesn’t know anyone who’s been victimized by such covert photography, but he said it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Cell phones are so tiny, they can do it with you standing right next to them and you might not even know they’re taking a picture. That’s kind of hard to do with an old-fashioned camera,” said Sainato, who represents parts of Beaver and Lawrence counties.

Cell phone-aided identity theft probably makes up “less than one-tenth of 1 percent” of all identity theft crimes, said Jay Foley, executive director of the San Diego-based nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center. The center researches identity theft methods and trends.

“It’s so rare an occurrence, I wonder why anyone would go through the trouble of creating a law for it,” Foley said.

My camera is just as small as my cell phone, and why shouldn’t it be? Perhaps someone should tell Representative Sainato that cameras, even those not attached to other pieces of technology, no longer necessarily rely upon 35-mm film, and not everyone who is taking a picture is likely to look like this guy:

Or even this guy:

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