The war on cats


The days when anonymous cats roam the city of Pittsburgh with impunity may be numbered, if Councilman Jim Motznik gets his way.

Why? The first reason he gives is so roaming cats are not accidentally euthanized if captured by the Animal Control Officers who aren’t trying to catch them now and have no interest in pursuing them in the future. The second reason is somewhat more revealing:

“I have a fish pond. I chase cats out of my yard all the time,” he said. “I want to have pet owners responsible for their pets, and right now cat owners are not responsible for their pets. There is a way of thinking … that [cats] should be allowed to roam, and go on other people’s properties, and I don’t agree with that.”

That’s right: Pittsburgh City Councilman Jim Motznik wants to institute a new tax against cat owners, add a new mission to an already straining city government, totally rework the way that Animal Control operates, and unnecessarily jam full the shelter that we won’t even have in two months time, all because he is tired of his neighbor’s tabby messing with his koi.

Plus, says the Cat Fanciers Association (who aren’t doing themselves any favors with that name):

Licensing requirements can backfire by discouraging people from feeding, caring for, spaying or neutering, and eventually taking ownership of loosely owned or unowned cats, which make up 40 percent of the feline population in many areas, Ms. Miller said.

“Our effort is to get people to take responsibility for [roaming] cats,” Ms. Miller said. “Cat licensing is a major deterrent to that.”

Motznik, seen here relaxing in his council office after a long day mucking out his fish pond, will no doubt next be introducing a bill to register and track backyard goldfish. After all, they dangerously carry and convey fin rot, and cannot be allowed to roam our ornamental waterways unchecked.

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  1. northfolk (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 9:20 pm

    I had a stray cat in my yard once it was great fun to play with. First I tried a box balanced on a stick with a saucer of milk underneath. That didn’t work so next I tried throwing a basketball at it. The cat didn’t like playing basketball rocket, but it did keep coming back to play. So next I tried BB gun shooting gallery. The cat must have been a liberal commie and disagreed with my aiming a firing a weapon, of meager destruction, at it. It never came back.

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