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Panty Palooza: call for entries

panties_uterus.jpgWhere do art and politics meet? In your pants.

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania is holding its annual Stiff Competition fundraiser and they want your help. They’re inviting all artists and crafters to bend their talents, this year, to panties.

If you, as they say, have got your panties in a wad over legislators attacking reproductive rights, then this Call For Entries for political panties — or bras, dr. denton’s, tighty whities, slips or other unmentionables — is for you. The submission deadline has been extended June 7.

The design competition winner will be announced at the fundraiser itself on June 14, where all the entries will be auctioned. This year’s judge is Tom Sokolowski, Executive Director of the Andy Warhol Museum. A good guy to impress the pants off of.

As far as I know, the black uterus undies will not be in the competion.

Dance freely!

eslide_anim.gif Anyone planning to attend a wedding or community celebration in Western Pennsylvania should be delighted to know that the Electric Slide is now available for any non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license.

Now, move to the left…

Three ladies at Point Brugge Cafe, Sunday morning.

As I was arriving, you were eating dessert, Coupe Denmark for one, Flourless Chocolate Cake for the next, just coffee for the last. Then you paid, leaving a crappy tip that you obviously were not embarrassed enough of to avoid talking loudly about it. Then you sat there, in the prime, center outside table, reading Latina Magazine aloud to each other and planning a trip to Peru.

This is not acceptable behavior. First, you never tip less than fifteen percent, unless the service was abominably bad. More importantly, you do not take up the best table in the house at a restaurant with a line for an hour after you have insulted the waitress with your awful tip.

Your behavior was inconsiderate in the extreme, both to the people who were waiting to eat and to the waitstaff, who depend upon table turnover to make their living. I hope you all read this and are so ashamed of yourselves that you change your ways, begin to tip well and consider others, but I think you will not. You will instead think I am a jerk for expecting you to conform to the standards of behavior that keep the rest of us in civil society.

Should I have said something to you directly? I was with my wife, who has no interest in picking fights with strangers (and if she did, probably would have gone after you for wearing flip-flops to a decent restaurant), and so said nothing. If I had a different companion, I might have made a different choice.

Here, then, is a question for the echo-chamber of the internet: when is a stranger’s behavior so bad, short of criminality, that it is acceptable to deputize yourself Protector of Civility?

A Local Reason to Watch a Highly-Rated TV Show

I rarely watch television these days, but my lack of cable has not prevented me from enjoying some of the good stuff on the tube. Via the magic and wonder of iTunes, I am able to wear my nerd hat without giving the local monopolist cable company one more dime of my money.

Sure, Heroes is a great television show. It’s a wonderful distillation of superhero mythology that liberally borrows from its predecessors (including Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Watchmen and the fiction anthology called Wild Cards), but it also features some fine (if occasionally hammy) acting.

There’s a local reason to watch, too. The primary villain of this season is Sylar, a man who has no powers of his own except the ability to take the powers of other super powered people by ostensibly eating their brains. He’s intense and weird and scary, with a quiet sort of menace that feels refreshing after decades of over the top comic book villains. He’s portrayed by local boy Zachary Quinto, a graduate of Central Catholic and CMU.

The season finale airs on Monday night at 9PM.

A Sports Contraption

The maneuverings of radio show line-ups in west coast markets are not exactly fodder for a blog about Pittsburgh. That is, unless we’re talking about Dave Damashek.

When Howard Stern moved his show from terrestrial radio to satellite radio, he created a vacuum of desperation in his suddenly empty markets. CBS Radio, the giant omnicorp that owns hundreds of commercial radio stations in hundreds of markets, went with a two-sided solution: David Lee Roth would replace Howard on the east coast and Adam Carolla would replace him in the west.

Both shows foundered and struggled. CBS Radio wasn’t sure what to do about it, so it did what any major media corporation does when the things aren’t going well: it fired people.

Auction Update

To break the suspense, Warhol’s Green Car crash went for $71.7 million.

Pittsburgh comic artist makes good


Yesterday DC Comics launched a new line of manga-ish comics for teenage girls. It’s called Minx, and the very first of the books is drawn by Pittsburgh’s own Jim Rugg.

Comic fans know Jim for his Street Angel series. Now word of his fine work is spreading, thanks to the new comic, The PLAIN Janes. It’s a story about four girls who find themselves at the reject table at school — and all happen to be named Jane. I won’t tell you what happens next, but it’s good (the story is written by young adult author Cecil Castellucci).

This Saturday and next, from 3-5pm, Jim Rugg will be signing copies of The PLAIN Janes at New Dimension Comics (isn’t the special drawing he did for them cool? It’s one of the Janes). He’ll even do a sketch for you, they say.

Saturday May 19th: New Dimension Comics in Cranberry, Piazza Plaza, Cranberry Twp

Saturday May 26th: New Dimension Comics in Century III Mall, in West Mifflin

Now The Yinzers Are In Philly

Sadly, I will miss this group show of Pittsburgh Artists at Space 1026 in Philly which was put together by the artist Thad Kellstadt. Interactions between our state’s east and west coast are too rare. Thad put up a nice flikr set for the show which I put on my blog.

They also got covered by a legendary Philly art blog.

Here she comes, MisConstrued Pittsburgh

missfire.jpgWhile the city eagerly awaits the results of some other elections, we’re happy to note that Pittsburgh Cacophony’s first-ever Beauty Pageant Pub Crawl ended in smiles. MisFire — aka “the dude in the dress” — took home the top prize, which included tiara, roses and, he hopes, world peace.

On Saturday, May 12, members of the Pittsburgh Cacophony Society (they bring us Santarchy every Christmas) gathered on the South Side for the Beauty Pageant Pub Crawl. Dressed in full-length finery and wearing their competitors’ sashes — MisAnthropy, MisChevious — they celebrated, imbibed and waved to passing vehicles. At the end of the night, the crowd at South City Tavern voted MisFit the queen of the evening.

See how he’s smiling? He didn’t have to wait for late voting returns.

photo by sjoberg sara via flickr

The Market Square Traffic Swamp

Market Square was shut down today, and if Spike TV gets its way, it won’t be the last time.

The show is called The Kill Pit (which, according to, was renamed to The Kill Point). In a story move that’s sure to raise eyebrows and the vocal volumes of right-wing radio talk show hosts, the show is about a group of Iraq war veterans who stage a bank heist in Pittsburgh.

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