Ravenstahl full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Mayor Ravenstahl, seen here earnestly wishing the guy in the blue hat would quit laughing at him, Tuesday:

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said today that the promotions last week of three police officers with domestic issues were “unacceptable” and that the procedures for approving upgrades in rank are “obsolete and unacceptable.”

Sounds like a prescription for quick action, especially after yesterday’s big-turnout council meeting, which the mayor did not deign to attend. And here he comes, roaring out of the gate:

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will not demote three controversial police officers promoted June 18 despite domestic abuse accusations, but he is implementing, starting today, what he described in a press release as “a new policy that will set a standard of zero tolerance for domestic abuse.”

Impressive. No more domestic abuse. Of course, domestic abuse that happened in the past can’t be addressed, because how could these officers have possibly known that it is not acceptable to do violence to spouses and children? Maybe the mayor can shed some light on the situation:

Mandatory Domestic Violence training is currently provided to all Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Officers.

Oh. Well, surely there is some accountability.

With regard to Charles Rodriguez and Eugene F. Hlavac, as I have said, I was unaware of there being any issues in their background prior to public reports last week. That is a result of the Police Department not reporting to me that information. Had I known of that history, I would have urged that extraordinary steps be taken to further look into their respective issues, just as I had done with Detective Trosky. I have reprimanded Chief Harper for not sharing that information with me.

I see, it is the Chief’s fault. No more of this, then:

The promotions were approved by Mayor Ravenstahl on recommendations of police Chief Nate Harper.

I guess that means that Nate Harper will be suspended. No? Docked pay? Demotion? Humiliating fraternity prank?

Nope, just a mean letter from the boss who promised to be his Best Friend Forever earlier this week. I think the same thing happened to my sister in middle school.

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  1. John Morris (unregistered) on June 29th, 2007 @ 3:40 pm

    Pittsburgh, Imagine beating your wife here.

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