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Innocence Project

Innocent OF Murder IN NY

Innocent Of Rape In Pittsburgh

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Critical Mass

I first want to say that I actually can barely ride a bike and have never ridden with Critical Mass. So, I am not in a position to judge the behavior or motivations behind most of the people who do this. I am however very grateful that they do this. One rider in the on Q story said that riding a bike here is always a political act, which I think is a comment about the city’s car oriented culture.


New York

San Francisco

Blogging Can Change The World : Part II

This is part two of my “blogging can change the world” series and which deals with the amazing Art Blog in Philly, that I think has been around since about 2002. Like a lot of people both inside and outside Philly, a lot of what I know about things there comes from their blog which now has fancy videos too!!These two have even topped Barry and James in terms of personal energy expended (not sure about that). When they go, it’s likely a massive stash of speed will be found on them.

“Through their blog, Libby and Roberta are non-stop Philadelphia art enthusiasts and supporters of their fellow artists… to the extent that their support of others has perhaps overshadowed awareness of their own very interesting artwork. Roberta and Libby have helped to draw artists to Philadelphia, kept artists from deciding to leave Philadelphia, motivated galleries and collectors, and made Philadelphia a much more dynamic and exuberant place for art.

If it were within my power I would give them a huge grant, or a medal or something… but all I can do is to try to capture and relay some of their generous-hearted vibe in this painting.

Thanks, Libby and Roberta!”

Martin Bromirsky, Artist Blogger

“2. These two ladies are dynamos. They report on a huge number of arts events and issues in Philadelphia, more than any other print or web source, including the Inquirer, the Daily News, City Paper and the Weekly. They post almost everyday, which to me is mindblowingly amazing and great. It’s seriously taking me 2 hours to write this short thing and they could have written 20 long things that are articulate and informative. Meanwhile, I’m spellchecking this for the 90th time.

3. Roberta and Libby report on other stuff that makes me love them, their travels, their families, other Philadelphia stuff.

4. I am sometimes aggravated if they skip a day of posting. Now, that’s mentally ill because Libby and Roberta are providing this incredible service out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s remarkable that I want to read what they’re putting up so much that I’m disappointed if a day is missed. In the last year, they’ve a become an important part of my daily life. And, look, I know I ain’t the only one out there checking more than once a day.

5. They don’t shy from gossip. And I love gossip.

6. Put them together as a team, they’re great. Separate Libby and Roberta, they’re still great. You can’t go wrong!

Artblog also includes reviews and reports from other folks, so most of the waterfront is covered.

Zoe Strauss, Artist Blogger , Philly

One of the side benefits is learning about all of the talented people that make up a new place. I have been reading Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof’s artblog and find it outstanding. Their artblog is chocked full of fascinating and interesting posts about “art reviews, deep thoughts, and gossip from Philadelphia and beyond”. Art in America magazine named the blog as one of the top art blogs because of their excellent coverage of the Philadelphia art scene and their clear writing style.

An excellent example of why this art blog is one of the best is today’s post called “Resurrection at Rosenbach” and deals with a show at the Rosenbach Museum and Library. If I had seen an ad for this show I probably would have dismissed it as boring or irrelevant. After reading the article posted by Libby I want to go tomorrow morning to see the show and learn about Girolamo da Carpi. I encourage you to read her review of the show. Fantastic!

JMG Artblog, Philly

“They make a huge effort to cover a lot- galleries, museums, various initiatives. I can’t think of any other kind of publication that covers a single art scene so comprehensively. Their coverage almost makes me feel part of it all by giving me what seems a pretty good glimpse into the Philly art scene. Of course I’m sure there are people, places, and things there that don’t get covered, and may feel left out- that’s to be expected. But I’m astonished by how much Roberta and Libby actually see and write about. Any city would be incredibly fortunate to have a resource such as this.

Their writing, and the writing of occasional guests, is really good- enthusiastic, insightful, and thorough. Roberta and Libby write with real consideration and depth, and work to describe and get at experience and meaning.”
Chris Ashley, Artist Blogger

Get to Know Your Steelers

It’s that time of year, ladies. And no, I’m not talking about the dog days of summer, the upcoming back-to-school shopping sales, or the Steelers training camp. What I want to talk about here is an important issue facing all Pittsburgh ladies this time of year – Steelers impersonators.

To avoid being taken advantage of by such ne’er-do-wells, I suggest that all ladies familiarize themselves with the Steelers roster. Study these pictures like you studied your multiplication tables in the 3rd grade. Be sure to examine the entire team too, not just a few who you have heard of or think are cute (I, for example, tend to get stuck on pictures of newbie hunk, I mean, punter, Daniel Sepulveda and my old favorite Brett Keisel). Since Steelers impersonators are more likely to steal the identity of less-visible players, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with players on all levels of the depth chart not just the starters. Get to know who plays for your team and any distinctive features that may differentiate them from any ol’ cad at your local watering hole. Not only will this help you to shield off the advances of a fake Steeler, but should an actual Steeler hit on you, you’ll know who he is. Then, once you have confirmed his identity, you can take ridiculous pictures of him drinking his face off and distribute them to sports blogs.

While We Were Chasing Cats

Perry Hilltop . Thanks to Pittsburgh Dish for this story and to whoever loaded the video to Youtube.

Spock Went to CMU

The rumors have been swirling that Heroes star and Pittsburgh native Zachary Quinto (of whom I blogged in the space once before) is going to be cast as Spock in a new Star Trek movie written and directed by Lost mastermind J.J. Abrams.

I know what you’re thinking – the role of Spock was already cast about forty years ago, when Leonard Nimoy portrayed him in the original Star Trek series. Well, Abrams and the powers that be have decided that a “reboot” is in order, a process by which an old franchise is given new life by retelling the entire story from the start.

Though nobody really knows how the new Star Trek movie will resemble the original series, it is at least certain to maintain the three central characters. Whether they can recapture the same chemistry is another question entirely.

This (and other casting news) is expected to be officially announced at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

How To Spot Zombie Media

Living in Pittsburgh, it’s important to understand how to spot a zombie. By, the way–I have found that zombies often have a thing for flowers.

Blogging Can Change The World

James Kalm, In The Brooklyn Rail, has one of the best essays on blogging and the motivations behind the trend towards DYI media as well as it’s power. It profiles the Barry Hoggard & James Wagner, the guys behind Art Cal as well the artist behind the critical smackdown blog called paintersnyc. “Today, instead of a cultural crisis, we’re facing a paradigm shift. Thanks to the Internet, the monopoly of the elites and the publishing empires they represent are crumbling, and if the blinders imposed by the powers that be haven’t yet been pried off, they have at least, for the moment, been bent back. If you don’t believe in democracy, this is a problem.”

While Barry and James are unlikely to stay always near the top of the DYI heap in terms of web traffic, It’s likely they are close to being the two most important people to have emerged in the art world in the last 25 years. I for one, learned to understand the power one person can have from them.

“Because they’ve come to their appreciation of art without benefit of formal art educations, both Barry and James feel that their critical stance is more akin to fandom, so there’s an aspect of friendly documentation that informs their blogging. “I think what we do is important for small galleries. Sometimes we’re the only people who write about these unseen artists. Occasionally we’ll go into galleries and see copies of entries from our blogs on the reception desks. We’ve had artists tell us that they were noticed and invited into other shows because of our little blogs. It’s exciting to be able to help those artists,” mused Barry. James added, “I write these entries out of a sense of intimacy. Technically we’re not critics, we don’t criticize anything, but we only write about the things we like. We live in Chelsea so I can visit a gallery even on the last day of a show, and sometimes almost accidentally l can document the artist’s work and get immediate response, and once you put something on the web it’s there forever. The magazines can take six months, sometimes longer.” Between them, James and Barry have written about over a thousand artists.

Pull Out The Good Stuff

The due date for submission for the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh is coming up.

Attention Artists! The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) is screening art for the 97th Annual Exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art. All media are welcome. You do not have to be an AAP member to apply, all artists are welcome. Artists working in any media and living within a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh are eligible to apply.

Digital and slide entries by August 3 and drop off for physical work is August 12. You will need a prospectus that has all of the details. You can find more information about this and past exhibits on their site. You can download the prospectus here.

The juror

Polly Apfelbaum, noted New York artist, was born in 1955 in Abington, Pennsylvania. She received a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and also attended SUNY at Purchase, Purchase, New York.

An artist of wide-ranging styles from Pop Art to Minimalism, Polly Abfelbaum has been exhibiting in New York since the early 1980s. Many of her installations are dyed fabric laid on the floor, wall works with strips of velvet applied to bed sheets or collages of cut-up photographs and cloth. Her subjects deal with the relativity of time, feminist issues and complexity in what appears to be simplicity.opp

Her early shows had works with found and fabricated objects, and in the 1990s, she began working with fabric. In 1999, her work was exhibited at Site Sante Fe in New Mexico and she has major Solo shows around the world, including The Whitney Museum In NY, the ICA in Philly. She currently is having a solo at Frith Street Gallery in London.

Polly and me were for a number of Years represented by the same New York gallery. Honestly, my work never got to her level.

New York’s Bad Alley Cats

But can they do hills?

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