Mr. Rogers is Bad For You

Great news for parents: Is your child a selfish jerk who thinks the world owes him or her something? Stop blaming yourself and blame Mr. Rogers instead! At least that’s what the Wall Street Journal thinks you should do, according to a recent article faulting Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers for the sense of entitlement and narcissism rampant among today’s youth.

But why stop there? If we can blame Mr. Rogers for this generation’s narcissism, I’m sure we can find a few other children’s television shows to blame for other societal ills.

Fat Albert: Did you really think that the fattening of America had to do with the fast-food culture and the boom of processed foods? Don’t let the diet experts lead you astray, it’s got nothing to do with what you eat and everything to do with the acceptance of this hefty but lovable cartoon character.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Are your kids still living in your basement and mooching off you while they try to hit it big with their band? They must have watched way too much of this show when they were kids!

Rescue Rangers: The decline of organized religion is probably a direct result of the subliminal anti-religion message in the infamous Coo Coo Cola episode of this show.

Duck Tales: Kids today don’t know the value of a hard-earned dollar. It’s probably because they grew up watching Scrooge McDuck swimming through his money like it was something to be played with not respected.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Don’t you hate it when people say stupid things and expect you to laugh? It’s all Bill Cosby’s fault, conditioning an entire generation of kids to think that the stupid things they say are hilarious.

Sesame Street: Am I the only one who sees the connection between the homeless problem & the popularity of Oscar the Grouch?

The point is, next time you notice a flaw, don’t hold yourself or anybody else responsible, just turn your mirror towards the TV and find somebody on there to blame.

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  1. girl down under (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 3:44 pm

    just wait til they get a load of this crop of latchkey heathens that will rise up from the likes of southpark and the simpsons. doh!

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