Mayor Ravenstahl’s deep historical knowledge

Some people might have wondered why Mayor Ravenstahl, a lifelong Democrat from a solidly Democratic family in a solidly Democratic town, would rip off a Republican president‘s iconic campaign slogan.

There are those who would probably say that it is because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Others might argue that the Mayor’s brilliance transcends party. I would have been likely to chalk it up to the assumption I have encountered among politicians that the general public is much too stupid and apathetic to understand anything but punchy phrases and bright shiny colors.

Then, riding my bike from the Strip into Lawrenceville, the other day, I saw an historical marker, and nearly slapped myself over the forehead. It is not to Ike’s Republican presidency the Mayor intended to tie himself: it was to Pittsburgh’s industrial patriotism of the war years. A chicken in every pot and Eisenhower Grease for every driveshaft!

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  1. Schultz (unregistered) on July 14th, 2007 @ 1:08 am

    You know what is the worst part about him ripping off Ike? Mike Huckabee ripped Ike off first, so essentially Lucky Luke is ripping off Huckabee, who copied Eisenhower even before Luke learned that
    “Ike” was President Eisenhower’s nickname.

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