Ralph Nader doesn’t intend to pay

The Post-Gazette’s politics weblog reports:

Three years ago, Mr. Nader attempted to get on the Pennsylvania ballot to run for president. Democrats still smarting from his 2000 effort — which the party blames for Al Gore losing in Florida and Pennsylvania, ultimately costing him the presidency — were diligent about checking his nominating petitions for 2004 and went to court when they found more than two-thirds of the signatures were inadequate or fraudulent. In addition to keeping him off of the 2004 ballot, Democrats won a judgment of $81,102 against him to cover the costs for transcription fees and hand-writing analysts.

… … …

Mr. Nader told McClatchy the whole incident is “embarrassing” to him but that won’t make him pay quickly. He considers Pennsylvania laws “political bigotry of enormous proportions” because they require far more signatures from minor and independent candidates than from Democrats and Republicans.

“Yes, I can afford it,” Mr. Nader told McClatchy, “but the necessity of a diversified electoral process can’t afford it.”

I volunteered to go through these petitions in 2004. What Ralph, seen here showing off his beer pong form, does not mention is that his petitions were not only blatantly fraudulent, but also circulated by the Republican party, supporters of a candidate who Nader frequently and loudly claimed not to be a spoiler for.

It is difficult for him to claim moral superiority over the two major parties when he willingly and enthusiastically accepted the help of one of those parties in a scheme to con the Commonweath of Pennsylvania. As the man ultimately responsible for this petition drive once said, “he can’t have it both ways. He can’t take the high horse and then claim the low road.”

On the other hand, Democrats really shouldn’t blame Nader for Gore’s losing Pennsylvania in 2000. It kind of seems like sour grapes when you hear things like this:

State Democratic Chairman T.J. Rooney said he’s happy attorneys will try to enforce the judgment.

“I think that’s great. You’re goddamned right he should pay, and he should go away, because he didn’t learn his lesson in 2000.”

Plus, the fact that Al Gore actually won Pennsylvania in 2000. Just a small point.

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