Picture of Fire at Harris Grill

Picture of Harris Grill

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Here is a picture I took around 10:30 on Saturday night. My camera phone isn’t the best but you can see the flames on the side of the building. The area that was on fire was the fire escape. I think this was before the firetrucks arrived. We were driving down Ellsworth and knew something was wrong because so many people where standing on the sidewalk. You could feel the heat of the fire from the car.
I am amazed no one was hurt. It took about 45 minutes to bring the fire under control. At one point there were multiple firemen on the roof with axes. From the corner of Ellsworth and Maryland I could see that the TV in the bar was still on and the tiki torches on the patio were still burning.
I think the world of the owners of the Harris Grill, in a short amount of time, the turned the old Harris Grill into an amazing neighborhood establishment. The owners and staff created the type of place that you wanted to return to again and again. On Sunday, I was thinking about heading out for some mini cheese burghers, but I am going to have to wait for those to return.
I really want to say thank you to the firemen and police of Pittsburgh, this could have been a very tragic evening and I appreciated their dedication to the safety of this city. It is not often you get to witness, in person, what the firemen have to do to bring the fire under control. The entire time, there was not a sense of panic, the people on the streets were respectful of the police lines. Except for one woman who wanted me to ask the fire truck to move so she could turn her car on to Ellsworth. I am not sure what she was thinking, or if she was thinking at all.

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