An unfortunate consequence of Peter Leo’s retirement

Is that the Post-Gazette appears to have decided that the Morning File must never be funny or interesting again. I suppose it is a kind of mourning process at One of America’s Remaining Newspapers.

They do have their rose-colored hindsight glasses firmly librarian-chained to their heads:

Gramps was the custodian at the grade school I attended. To Grandma the school principal, Mr. Mitchell, was always “the Professor.” Many sentences started with “The Professor said …” The current president was always “Mister Truman,” “General Eisenhower,” “Mister Kennedy” or “Mister Johnson.” She couldn’t have imagined the kind of heckling and disrespect our presidents get today.

Right you are, Grandson Richard. No one could have imagined that the President of the United States might be heckled or disrespected during, say, the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration.

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