Do or do not. There is no try.

The Post-Gazette website has this notice shoehorned into the middle of the main page:

TO OUR READERS: is ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a fresh look, better navigation and new features throughout the site. In the days and weeks ahead, watch for exciting changes at, where you’ll always find the latest local news and the region’s best online coverage of sports, lifestyle, business and entertainment.

Good to know that they are ready. One hopes they are also willing and able.

I should be kinder to the Post-Gazette. Their web presence blows the city’s other daily out of the water. The Tribune-Review’s nausea-inducing interface and infuriating screaming advertising are best avoided (note to Trib: I link to the P-G stories rather than Trib ones, even if yours are better, because I will not subject readers to your noisy banner ads and pop-ups if I can avoid it. I am willing to guess I am not the only internet writer who feels that way).

Except for the City Paper, which had the good sense to spend a few bucks to upgrade from their old, baffling web design last year, the P-G is a lot stronger than the weeklies in town too, each of which has its own weaknesses (the Courier lacks decent archives, the Pittsburgh Business Times is clunky, the Jewish Chronicle just plain stinks).

So, anyway, they are good. I am happy that they are planning to get better, with the caveat that I worry that “getting better” to them means making their reporters carry around DAT recorders to make mini-podcasts as Dennis Roddey has done of late. Why, though, are they telling us they are “ready” to do it? An old saying pops to mind about what one might compel oneself to do, with the alternative of getting off the pot.

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