Ethics board splits the difference


Members of Pittsburgh’s Ethics Hearing Board today said two days of free golf Mayor Luke Ravenstahl [seen here receiving high-five instruction] received from the Penguins and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at a two-day charity golf outing gave the appearance of impropriety, but they didn’t call for a further investigation.

Why no more investigation?

“I think that we pretty much agree that the charitable exemption applied, and I think that in examining other practices in other civic bodies, that we might have some suggestions to make,” said Sister Patrice Hughes, the board’s chairwoman.

So, they don’t like it, but it conforms to the law. They will work on rewriting the rules to disallow actions like this that are clearly unethical but not yet disallowed specifically. One would hope that we could have a mayor who would act ethically without having to be specifically told by law what to do in each case, but as that is clearly not going to happen, I suppose this is the best outcome we could hope for.

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