Study Technology So You Can Cheat

I have to admit to not always being into every sport, but this is changing as modern sports are becoming more like watching a James Bond movie or tech spy thriller.

Of course we all know about the various steroid scandals and stuff like blood doping but the last few days have brought out possible cheating using secret listening and communications involving the New England Patriots.

I also came across a cool and sadly interesting story on the advantage Barry Bonds may be getting from a certain “protective device.”

“1) The apparatus is hinged at the elbow. It is a literal “hitting machine” that allows Bonds to release his front arm on the same plane during every swing. It largely accounts for the seemingly magical consistency of every Bonds stroke.

2) The apparatus locks at the elbow when the lead arm is fully elongated because of a small flap at the top of the bottom section that fits into a groove in the bottom of the top section. The locked arm forms a rigid front arm fulcrum that allows extraordinary, maximally efficient explosion of the levers of Bonds’ wrists. Bonds hands are quicker than those of average hitters because of his mechanical “assistant.”

3) When Bonds swings, the weight of the apparatus helps to seal his inner upper arm to his torso at impact. Thus “connected,” he automatically hits the ball with the weight of his entire body – not just his arms – as average hitters (“extending”) tend to do.”

Anyway, after the Michael Vick stuff it all seems very wholesome to me.

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