Railroads And The Midwest Part 1

This has to be a quik post, but I have a few thoughts about rail in the future of the “rust belt”.

It’s interesting that Erie ends up as the location for a rust belt blogger summit , because Erie happens to be at the hub a potential boom in the manufacturing of railroad engines,;Pittsburgh is the home of one of the leading maker of rail brakes and I believe, that there is at least one major maker of freight rail equipment in the general region.

This is not a small business and GE, in fact will be hosting their sharholder’s meeting there to spotlight one of it’s fastest growing and most profitable divisions.

“This year, about 200 of these monsters, which contain 225,000 parts and cost up to $4m, will leave GE’s factory to see service in China. The sales prompt John Dineen, the president of the division, to joke that Erie is one of the few areas of the US to have a trade surplus with the world’s most populous country.”

Rail, and water is what made the midwest boom and perhaps it can again.

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