Where does a blog post go?

I write a lot of blog posts. It started with IheartPGH.com and then led to a job at Spreadshirt where I update Blog.Spreadshirt.com almost everyday. Over the past 2.5 years since I started blogging I have learned that a blog is a great tool for sharing lots of information with lots of other people. I am often asked to answer the question “why should I have a blog for my business/club/organization?” and the answer is simple, but not easy to explain.
I usually send people to this video about RSS feeds – RSS in Plain English.
It took me 5 months to understand RSS feeds, this video does an amazing job of explaining it in under 5 minutes.
Luckily the folks at Wired are on the case and have assembled an amazing graphic on this article – The Life Cycle of Blog Post, From Servers to Spiders to Suits — to You – that shows all of the places that a blog post goes. I think that this graphic does a great job of showing how a blog can help to share your information with many different audiences.

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