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Pens Report: Jagr, Rangers…DENIED!

Photo courtesy of Dan4th

They entered enemy territory.

They suffered over 40 hits.

They saw over a five minute stretch of penalties, including nearly a minute of two five-on-threes.

They saw Jagr in prime early-90s form.

And yet…they scored 5 goals. Went 2-3 on the power play. Faced 39 shots, including a furious shot-clogged second period. Nine Penguins had at least a point tallied in the game. Malkin netted two power play goals; fitting in many ways, since news came earlier yesterday that he was one of the three finalists for the Hart trophy.

Once again, the Penguins come out on top.

If you saw the game last night, you know the feeling all of us are having today. If you didn’t, watch the highlights, because honestly, words can’t do it justice.

I’ll admit, Jagr looked great – it was like watching him back in ’92, tearing up opponents and being a menace to the opposing netminder. But the Penguins defense held up; Jagr only netted one goal on the evening despite putting out nearly 25% of the Ranger’s shots on goal. (And I’ll give him credit, his wraparound was a beautiful goal. Almost brought a tear to my eye…) But in the end, Fleury was a wall when needed, and that made the difference.

Game Four on Thursday, 7 p.m. Let’s finish this, Penguins!

080228 Marc-Andre Fleury, courtesy of Dan4th


I know it is a little chilly today. But free ice cream is a good thing. April 29 is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s. Pittsburgh only has 1 Ben and Jerry’s Location in Sq. Hill – 5885 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Thanks to Tom at the DC Metblog for the reminder.

If cupcakes are your thing – check out $1 cupcakes at Dozen tommorow.

Penguins Report: New York Beatdown

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Pepperedjane

Thank you, Penguins!

Thank you, Pens fans!

The last three days have been fantastic for me and my Penguins-crazed family in more ways than one.

Shall I count them?

Two wins over the hated Rangers, a furious and awesome comeback in Game One, a stonewalling shutout by Fleury in Game Two, and an Avery beatdown to segue into the next two games in New York. (The best view of the fight is at 1:15 in the video clip.)

What more could a Pens fan ask for?

Being at the game.

Well, ok, so I didn’t get that far.

Still, in watching the game from the comfort of my living room, surround sound on full blast, it felt like I was right there amongst the crowd at the Mellon Arena yesterday afternoon. The energy was electric, the noise awesome, and the outcome outstanding.

And I was thrilled to see my prediction come true. In the waning seconds of Game Two, Sean Avery did his usual annoying play and roughly tapped Fleury on the back as he moved to the front of the crease. As play wound down, Fleury did as any goalie would do defending his turf and slapped Avery in the back of the legs. Avery turned and tried to spear Fleury and was met with the fury of Hal Gill’s fists as they came flying out of his gloves. The shining moment? As Avery hit the boards, Laraque had skated over and grabbed him just as Gill led with a right.

Make note, New York: don’t mess with the Penguins.

The hockey world sat up and took notice after last night’s shutdown of the New York trapping game. The Pens didn’t just defend against it, they practically broke it. Transitions in the center were plentiful, the energy was 100% from start to finish, and the press into the Ranger’s zone was relentless. In this game, the Penguins proved that Ottawa wasn’t a fluke.

These guys want the Cup. And you know what? Every game they play, I think the reality is that much closer.

Now the quest to find a good location to watch Game Three on Tuesday. If any of you have suggestions to pass onto your fellow fans, please do so below. Until then, keep them towels waving!

It’s Towel Time!, courtesy of Sgt. Pepperedjane

Steel City v Big Apple

Photo courtesy of SouthCentral

Ok, Penguins Nation, it’s been decided.

After Joffrey Lupul’s game winner in OT last night over here in Washington, the stage has finally been set for a standard playoff rematch for our beloved Penguins. Next up? The New York Rangers.

You may commence booing and hissing. I’ll wait, since I’ll join you.

Ok. Feel better?

So, are we looking at another Ottawa-style rollover? Probably not. This’ll be a hard-fought series, in my opinion, but won’t go to seven games. And I’m confident – like all of you, no doubt – that our Penguins shall triumph over the Blue Shirts of Broadway.

So let’s look at the nitty-gritty, shall we?


Election Eve in Pittsburgh – waiting for Barack Obama

Election Eve in Pittsburgh – waiting for Barack Obama

Originally uploaded by gophotogo

It is just after 10 PM on the night before the presidentia primary election. The Peterson events center looks to be about 70 percent full. The crowd is waiting for Obama to speak. Some people have been here since 7:30. The Yes We Can video is playing on the score board.

Election Eve in Pittsburgh – waiting for Barack Obama

Election Eve in Pittsburgh – waiting for Barack Obama

Originally uploaded by gophotogo

It is just after 10 PM on the night before the presidentia primary election. The Peterson events center looks to be about 70 percent full. The crowd is waiting for Obama to speak. Some people have been here since 7:30. The Yes We Can video is playing on the score board.

Primary Pittsburgh Project – Women in The Arts

Primary Pittsburgh Project – Women in The Arts

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There is some serendipity to blogging and my life. Today I spent some time working on the Primary Pittsburgh Project which is a cross blogging project to highlight some of the great things about Pittsburgh, the stories about what is happening here that is exciting and good and bringing people to Pittsburgh. This project is running for the 5 days leading up to the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary election. Pittsburgh is receiving a ton of media attention around the election and this project is to use the blogs to get the other primary story about Pittsburgh out there.

I was not planning on writing abouther post about this symposium but as I sit here listening to this panel discussion about women in the arts in Pittsburgh the discussion is a great example of why Pittsburgh. An important part of community building is quality of life. At least 2 of the women on this panel came to Pittsburgh from other cities. They are sitting here talking about how Pittsburgh is a community where women in the arts can feel supported and are supported by other women. The arts community is just one small part of what is happening in Pittsburgh that is drawing artists to live here. The arts scene here really is not only the arts like the opera and ballet but artists on all levels. The increase in artists is an addition to thr economy. But this also contributes to making Pittsburgh a vibrant place to live. Look at events like Handmade arcade to the increase in art galleries in Lawrenceville. The quarterly gallery crawl is another great example of an arts event that is giving people a reason to spend a Friday evening downtown. While downtown Pittsburgh is not the vibrant 24 hour community the arts community in Pittsburgh is a big part of and example of why this is a great place to live.

RSS explained, Crafts, Technology, and Women in the Arts

RSS explained, Crafts, Technology, and Women in the Arts

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Liz Perry is showing my favorite video on explaining RSS feeds at a workshop on crafting and technology for artists which is part of the Art, Activism & Equality Symposium. The video is called RSS in Plain English and is available at

The Art, Activism & Equality Symposium continues tomorrow at the New Hazlett Theater and is part of the Women in the Arts festival. I have posted more details about the symposium at

As you can see from reading this blog this is the second event I have attened at The New Hazlett Theater this week. This venue does an excellent job with technology presentations. The audio and visual for both events has been great and the theater is well equiped for presentations.

Both Elizabeth Perry ( and Faythe Levine ( have shared tons of interesting information.

Live at Pop City Live

Live at Pop City Live

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I know this isn’t the best picture but you get the idea. Pop City Live is a monthly discussion series hosted by the amazing people at Pop City Media. Tonight’s discussion is on leadrship and there is a great panel of unique leaders. I have had the opportunity to get to know Mayor John Fetterman over the past 3 years. Even thought I have toured Braddock with Mayor Fetterman a couple of time I never tire of hearing about Braddock and how he feels about working with the people of Braddock.
Also on the panel is Lindsay Hyde who is the founder of the organization Strong Woman Strong Girls. Strong Women Strong Girls was founded in Boston and has recently expanded to Pittsburgh. Her organization pairs middle school girls with college mentors.
The third panelist is Mickey McManus from Maya Design. He is currently telling a story about the Olympics.

Pop City Live provides an awesome opportunity to hear these leaders speak and to connect with a room full of people who are interested in thinking about and talking about Pittsburgh. Afterwards there are drinks and snacks and a time to meet other people. And it is all free. If you are looking to learn more about some people in Pittsburgh and what they are doing then you should check out some of the upcoming events that Pop City has planned.

A Boring Google Lawsuit

Google Street View has been discussed in this space before, since Pittsburgh is one of the few cities to have it. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a way for people to look at urban topography from the sidewalk – a human’s eye view, which is a far more useful navigational tool than a bird’s eye view.

The Boring family is suing Google for driving into their private driveway and including the resultant images in its searches. They might actually have a case, since the Smoking Gun shows how intrusive Google’s camera car appeared to be (in these pictures, specifically).

The legal side isn’t what interests me. Instead, we look to the Associated Press’s article about the invasion of privacy suit, which makes great pains to blast the Boring door wide open with information freely available on the Allegheny County website!

Anybody interested in purchasing property in the area knows about the utility of the county’s real estate website. There is far more information there than a series of multi-angle photographs, as the Associated Press indicates in its coverage. It makes one ask the question, possibly to oneself or even possibly to others: is it ok for the government to compile and offer this kind of information to anybody, instantly, and yet not ok for a private company like Google to take pictures of somebody’s front yard?

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