One Stomping Good Night (x2)

Photo courtesy of daveynin

Two down, two to go as the Penguins made my weekend that much cheerier, despite all the rain. Hammering the Flyers – in more ways than one – was one of many highlights to a great Mother’s Day weekend.

As I’d predicted earlier last week, the Pens relied not only on Malkin (Game 1 – 2 goals) and Crosby (Game 2 – 2 points) but also their other offensive threats to elevate Penguins play; players who bear “marquee” names such as Talbot, Staal, Dupuis, Roberts, Kennedy…heck, the list pretty much includes the whole team. It may not have the rhinestone name glitter of the Red Wings’ roster, but just like our hometown, the Pens are all blue-collar, get-it-done players. And that’s what matters in this series.

(Congrats, by the way, to the Penguins for the impressive seven straight playoff wins at home!)

You know the Penguins making an impact when my own wife knows who Maxime Talbot, Tyler Kennedy, and Pascal Dupuis are. That’s saying a lot for the team-spirited play the Penguins have been exhibiting since Game 1, Round 1. The Flyers have quite the challenge ahead of them – keeping Malkin and Crosby down isn’t going to cut it, as they’ve shown in the past two games. And now that they’re missing Timonen and possibly Coburn…

If the Pens can keep up their physical play as well as scoring when Hatcher keeps going to the box, the ‘burgh boys may well sneak one (if not both!) game out of the Wachovia Center in Philly. The Penguins are only halfway there, but at least they can see the end of the series.

The Flyers need a telescope and a way to curve time.

It’s not over yet, fans. But it’s getting close. Is it Tuesday yet?

Roberts for Prez 08, courtesy of daveynin

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