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Sheesh, I go away on vacation for ten days and the ice caves in.

So we now find our once-indomitable Penguins in the odd position of being behind in this year’s playoff run. By two games.

And scoring no goals.

Someone check the Mellon Arena basement; did the right team show up in Detroit on Saturday and Monday?

I’ve watched the Finals with two hands planted firmly in front of my face. My nice big LCD screen looks weird when framed by my fingers, letmetellyou.

But take heart, fans – all is not lost.

It’s only two games. With two quick, solid wins here at home, the Penguins will be right back in it. Remember, Detroit went up 2-0 on Nashville in the first round with complete dominance of the Predators. And then promptly lost the next two in Nashville; the “inevitable sweep” predicted by analysts died a quick death.

And don’t forget Dallas; Detroit had them on the ropes 3-0 when the real Stars finally arrived and took two games before giving up in Game Six.

There’s two big keys to tonight’s game:

1.) SCORE GOALS. Not much to say here.

2.) Dump-n-chase the puck. It’s clear Detroit’s booooooring trap style is just too stifling (and proves this is only New Jersey in different uniforms) to keep carrying the puck in. Dump it deep off the boards and follow through and they’ll generate the possession and scoring chances they need to take the win.

Honestly, once the ‘stigma’ of Osgood’s invincibility is broken, the dam will bust and we’ll see a scoring rampage from our key players.

So don’t lose faith, Penguin fans. It ain’t over until the final horn sounds.

Watch for Penguins, courtesy of jomilo75

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