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Setting up the creche

Barack Obama takes the stage in Pittsburgh

Barack Obama takes the stage in Pittsburgh

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1 week until election day. Barack Obama is here in Pittsburgh to an electric crowd.

Pittsburgh in forefront of election coverage…not good this time

Multiple sources are reporting about a developing story from Bloomfield.  A woman was robbed at an ATM and when her assailant saw her McCain bumper sticker, he allegedly “carved” a ‘B’ into her face.  It’s always sad when things like this happen and it’s kind of scary to see the election drama continue to escalate from verbal threats to now physical violence.  The attack was not caught on the ATM’s video tape, so hopefully police will be able to piece things together.

Details are still really sketchy at this point, but the story is being reported by the Post Gazette (second link is their political blog, Early Returns), WTAE and even the Drudge Report (and I’m sure many others as well).  Not a good way to bring Pittsburgh back into the national spotlight.

Update: Good gravy!  This story just keeps going!  A couple reports are now surfacing saying that this might have been faked.  I do have to agree with what I read at “Early Returns,” it is strange that she refused medical attention initially, it struck me as odd the first time I read it, but I guess I just passed over it as the stress related to the incident.  Who knows, more information will be probably keep showing up this weekend about this.  I’ll be gone camping, but I’ll see what I can find out when I get back on Sunday!

Update 2: Good god!  Now the police are saying that the entire incident was made upand will be charging Ms. Todd with such.  So crazy!  It still doesn’t look good for Pittsburgh (although really, what would life be without a little crazy?), but at least the election isn’t turning as outwardly violent as I once thought.

Hungry for brains….braaaaaaains!

The PG has an articleabout this weekend’s Zombie Fest.  Sadly, I can’t make it this year, as I’ll be camping, but once again, the goal is to break the record (set last year) for the largest zombie walk.  Also, this year features simultaneous zombie walks around the world!  Don’t forget, if you go out to Monroeville Mall (last year there were people helping with make up if you needed assistance to, so don’t let that deter you), take a donation for the food bank, which is one aspect of the event that helps to reach out to the living.

Zombie will always have a special place in my heart (and if they had their way, a special way to my brain), I just love all kinds of crazy zombie culture things.  Sadly though, I always seem to be camping when the annual zombie walk comes around.  So until my schedule meshes with it better, I’ll stick to books, movies and games, including the ever popular “Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z.”

Details for the entire weekend of events can be found here, and everyone participating in the zombie walk can start to register at 9 a.m. at the mall.  The walk will take place from 10 to 11.

Pittsburgh from the Smithdield Bridge

Pittsburgh from the Smithdield Bridge

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Michelle Obama in Pittsburgh

Michelle Obama in Pittsburgh

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Michelle Obama is here in Pittsburgh today speaking at Soldiers and Sailors in Oakland.
The crowd is really excited and women keep jumping out of their seats to take pictures with their cell phone cameras.

Schisms and Second Life: The Episcopal Church(s) in Pittsburgh

Recently, Pittsburgh has been the center of drama for the Episcopal Church.  The bishop was deposed and the then presiding ‘standing committee’ led the diocese in a vote to separate from The Episcopal Church, USA and align themselves with the Anglican province of The Southern Cone.  [Note: I only use quotations around standing committee to help with grammar, without them I thought the sentence was unruly.  Anyway, back to the post.]


Having been the lone Episcopal student at a Catholic college, religious discussions were never hard to find.  In addition, those four years helped me to develop my own view of faith and religion, and it doesn’t necessarily fit easily into any pre-determined cubby hole.  But that’s ok.


A concept everyone invovled should be adopting

Really, it is a sad situation, but so often the debates and conflicts that play out in the Episcopal Church are precursors to what other churches will face and discuss.  So while there is a benefit to the church’s transparency, it is certainly something that will be faced not only by the Episcopal Church, but other communities soon as well.


But like I said above (two paragraphs if you want to take another look), what does this mean?  Well, to me, it’s been drama that I really haven’t wanted to deal with.  Yes, it is interesting, and yes, it is very important, but after a point, you just want to go to church, you know?  No drama.  No finger pointing.  No whirlwinds of rhetoric or semantics.  Just church.


So in that spirit, here are some links that I’ve come across, some fun, some informative, but maybe they’ll help us all out a little bit:


  • What would heavy religious discussions be without baseball?  I’m not really sure either, but both are examined in this blog, check it out.
  • Aside from the Sacraments, can an online church provide everything one made of brick and mortar does?  Check out this article to read more.
  • And even though the Anglican presence in Second Life (as discussed in the article above) is much bigger, Church of Fools has been around longer, coming out of its predecessor, the online reality show, The Ark.  Also check out its parent site, Ship of Fools.
  • And of course, bringing it back across the pond to the ‘Burgh, I headed over to Epiphany Catholic Church next to the Mellon Arena for lunch on Friday.  They have a fish fry every week of the year (barring holidays).  The food was great, and the price was amazing.  If you’re nearby Friday, head on over!


As always, I try to remain at least somewhat neutral, so hopefully I did during this post.  But hey, blogs are discussions.  So I have to ask, what are your thoughts?  Has this schism affected you personally?  Let me know in the comments below!

Something Special for the Steelers Fan

I know, you saw enough of my pictures from the Fort Ligonier Days Parade.  This picture is from one of the craft vendors at Fort Ligonier Days ( I was unable to live blog this one for you because I took so many pictures of the parade my phone was almost dead).

Yes, this is really something special, it is your very own Steeler’s print toilet seat cover.  You can even get a cane cover and propane take cover to match.

I love that these things exist.

Food Network Challenge: City Skylines

Food Network Challenge (which is airing right now, and as I speak, being recorded since I knew I would miss the beginning of it) is featuring City Skylines, one of which is Pittsburgh.  I noticed it during one of the commercials earlier in the week, there was a stack of cake that looked like the USX Tower.

Since it is early in the compeition, I don’t know if the “UPMC” sign will be added (I guess it also depends when the episode was filmed), but I’ll update later when there is a winner and hopefully get a picture of the finished cake.  Right now, of the four teams, Pittsburgh seems to be in third in terms of progression to final product, but who knows how that will change by the end of the hour.

UPDATE: Well, the Pittsburgh cake didn’t win (Seattle did, although I am going to go ahead and call shenanigans as all but one of the buildings were made of cardboard, not cake), but they looked pretty bad.  All the competitors said the same thing, eight hours isn’t enough time to do a skyline cake.  The plans looked great, but I think they’re right, just not enough time.

Of the bottom three cakes (of four), I think Pittsburgh looked the best, and the fountain at the point worked, which was cool to see, but there wasn’t any detail on the USX Tower.  Oh well, it was still a cool challenge to watch.

They are Penn State and they like Nkotb

They are Penn State and they like Nkotb

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And they are, I kid you not, performing some new kids on the block as they walk past me! Awesome.

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