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Here’s to you, Pittsburgh!

International Toast to PIttsburgh
International Toast to PIttsburgh

As much as it is one of the stranger (read: cornier) events, I would be intersted to see if other restaurants follow suit.

I went to the Jerome Bettis Grille once for lunch, and I have to say, the prices are pretty good, much better than I expected, so it is worth checking out.
So if you’re out on the town, in the middle of holiday travelling or relaxing at home, wherever in the world that may be: here’s to you, Pittsburgh, may you bring us another 250 years of the place we call home.

Port Authority service to continue uninterrupted


“We are glad to inform the community that the Port Authority public transportation service will continue without interruption,” the statement read.

Details haven’t been released yet, although I’m sure more will be revealed soon.  In the meantime, enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing you’ll have a ride to work on Monday.

Read the preliminary news here.

Happy Birthday, Pittsburgh!

Today, November 25, at 6 p.m., Pittsburgh officially turns 250 years old.  This was the moment, 250 years ago, that the area at The Point was named Pittsburgh, well, probably Pittsboro and our city began the wonderful ride we find ourselves on.

Pittsburgh's Homecoming Weekend

The Boy Scouts are once again at The Point, changing out the flags, this time also celebrating with the 59th annual Eagle Scout recognition dinner.  The weekend continues with the 101st backyard brawl, the premier of “My Tale of Two Cities,” the Celebrate the Season parade and the international toast to Pittsburgh.  Get more information about the activities here.

Now, assuming I have figured out how to work this blogging software, this post will show up at 6 p.m., or at least close to it.  If not, when I get back from the Eagle Dinner I’ll be working to get this published.  Either way, Happy Birthday!

Playing in traffic

Two big construction projects have finished up, and hopefully, both will ease congestion on the roads.  The first is the HOV lane, located next to the Mellon Arena.  I actually have a picture of the last bit of work being done to the electronics controlling it last week, but don’t have a way of getting it off my phone at the moment, so look for that soon.

Sadly though, this means I have to look both ways before crossing the street as I walk down the hill.  Guess all that time in Safety Town all those years ago is paying off!

And second, the Boulevard of the Allies bridge to Oakland opens today after a 2 p.m. ribbon cutting ceremony.  The bridge has been under renovation since January and has caused all kinds of backups leading to the Parkway East.  Although I always am a bit concerned when there are ribbon cutting ceremonies for roads.  What if someone shows up early, do they just have to park on the road until the ribbon has been cut by giant scissors?  And woudln’t it be easier, cheaper and safer for everyone to just open it?

Sweet Caroline, how did I miss this…

The Marquee

Image by milesizz via Flickr

I am a few hours too late in reading today’s email about the Three River’s Film Festival and it is my loss. This documentary, Song Sung Blue, about a Neil Diamond Tribute band looks awesome. Did anyone see it – how was the film?


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Port Authority talks…art

While I’m still hoping that the Port Authority does not go on strike, lock-out, or whatever you want to call the possible stoppage of service that looms (please don’t make me face the Parkway East every morning again!), I was excited to find out that the Steel Plaza T station will be hosting an art installation beginning tomorrow.

There is more information here about the Pittsburgh 250 photo exhibit.  I’m hoping to stop by later this week or early next week to check it out (and get out of the cold for a few minutes) on my way up the hill to work.  I’ll post more details and a reaction then.

Night in November at Bakery Square

Night in November at Bakery Square

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Still celebrating

Still celebrating

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At the shadow lounge

Via hologram?

Via hologram?

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Isn’t the magic map enough technology? CNN is doing interviews via hologram?

Go vote!

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Take your ID (just in case, and besides you need it to drive anyway, and if you’re walking, grab it just to be safe), just make sure you go out and vote, no matter who you’re voting for (and take a look at all the state and local races too, amazingly there are other races going on besides President)!

Find your polling location here.

View a demo of the polling machines used in Allegheny County here.

Compare all the candidates (from national down to local races) and print out a ballot to take with you to the polls. Just enter your address and compare, select and print!

Let us know in the comments how the polls are, and share your election day stories.  See you on the other side!

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