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Superman is back

Superman is back

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This little note was sitting with some literature about diabetes on the side table in the waiting room at the doctors office. I wonder how long it has been sitting there.

First Night Pittsburgh – Make it your own

First Night Pittsburgh is once again upon us, and a cool feature I never knew about, is the ability to make a custom itinerary.  Head over here, pick the events you want to check out, and a custom schedule for the night is generated for you to print.  Pretty cool feature, and really handy when you see how many events are going on tonight.

And I have to ask, what’s everyone’s resolutions?

Help me Steve Jobs, you’re my only hope

So I don’t have an iPod per se, I have a sansa mp3 player, but that is besides the point.  Point is that people might have new mp3 players that need to be filled with music now that we’re through the bulk of the holidays.  I recently posted over on my blog about the podcasts I’ve been listening to and finding, but I want some more suggestions, so read on and comment away.

So until Windows Media Player decides that podcasts are a good thing, I use iTunes for podcasts and podcasts only, but the iTunes store has some great listings.  Included in my subscriptions are two local podcasts: DVE’s Jim and Randy will talk to anyone, which includes the week in review from Carbolic Smoke Ball, and the Post-Gazette’s Tech Talk.

I have another local one, Should I Drink That, ready to go to see if I like it, but it hasn’t come around yet on shuffle.

The Post Gazette offers a whole bunch of podcasts, ranging from culture to sports and all kinds of other subjects, so definitly look them up in the iTunes store for some local listening.  And if you’re looking for more podcasts, check out the aforementioned iTunes store, of Podcast Alley.

Any good local (or non-local) ones that I missed but should listen to, let me know in the comments.

Village Voice: New Stanton

I’ve had this post ready to for a while, just kept forgetting to post it.  Last weekend I was down passing through New Stanton (on 119 during the storm that went through, which was not fun, since apparently it was decided that 119 did not need any salt), which triggered lights in my brain to finally post this.

So, the truth is, I don’t know a whole lot about New Stanton.  I’ve driven through it many times (and by it even more times on the Turnpike).  The bit that I’ve seen encompasses a few restaurants and gas stations, but every time I go into the community itself, I am greeted by this sign:
New Stanton

Nothing too fancy, nothing too exciting, just a normal sign greeting you as you exit off the highway into New Stanton.

Now, there are tons of signs all over the Turnpike about how that area is a “High Merge Area” and has a disposition to have a great amount of truck traffic.

So I looked a little closer at the sign, and here is what I found:
Online Stores - New Stanton

So if I understand corretly, all the online stores, presumably of the internt, are located in New Stanton.  And since it is a heavy traffic area, that is why they always load so slowly!

Now that that mystery has been solved, it’s time to send in the horses to clear out all the lottery balls in the tubes…somehow that can be put into a metaphor for New Stanton, or possibly taken literally.  Your choice.

Nothing left to write

NaNoWriMo 2008No, I’m not leaving metblogs, just writing about a fun event that comes around every year.  November is National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo.  This crazy event challenges amateur (and professional) writers around the world to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  The goal is quantity over quality: understanding you’re going to write crap, but for once, actually sitting down, undertaking a massive creative feat, and turning off your inner editor for a month of twists and turns through the story coming from your mind.

In total, the authors writing in Pittsburgh wrote over seven million words (7, 391,876 to be exact), placing it in 33rd out of over 400 regions.  That is a crazy number.  50,000 words is around 80 pages (single spaced in Word), I can’t even imagine seven million.

So now, after all the write-ins taking place Downtown and in Cranberry, Oakland and Monroeville, a kick-off party at the Waterfront and a Thank God It’s Over party at  Spaghetti Warehouse, the writers (including myself) find themselves with no pressing deadline, no excuse to consume mass amounts of caffeine and alienate themselves from friends and family (well, except the usual excuses).  And it is a strange feeling.  But it is nice to relax, and remember that there are other things to do besides write each day.  And in the meantime, until next November, I can breathe a little easier, as I wait for midnight on November 1 when I can start the mad dash towards 50,000 once again.

Want to read more about NaNoWriMo, or their sister project, Script Frenzy, check it out at the links.  And come November, join us!  It’s fun, free, and a great way to meet some really awesome people from around Pittsburgh.

Primanti’s will save the economy

Primanti'sIn a recent New York Times article, John Schwartz discusses the CEOs of the big three automakers and their road trip from Detroit to D.C.:

The prospect of the executives motoring along more than 500 miles of highway to Washington — a trip of about nine hours, not counting a possible stop in Pittsburgh for a sandwich at Primanti Brothers — introduces an element of ritualistic public relations gamesmanship

Who knows, maybe the secret to economic success is hidden somewhere in the delicious coleslaw and fries.

(h/t to PR Junkie)

Power Out at Shadyside Hospital Buildings?

UPMC Shadyside
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I just called my doctors office which is located in the building next to Shadyside hospital and was told to call back later because they have no power. I asked if it was just the computers or all power is out. The nurse said all power was down. I don’t know if this has impacted the hospital or not but I hope it gets fixed soon.   What could be causing a power outage in the  Shadyside/Oakland area? (more…)

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