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Countdown to XLIII: 1

Kotaku is reporting about this weekend’s Madden Bowl.  While it is different than the EA simualtion of the game, it all seems a bit confusing, a bit of overload.

But, more importantly, Willie Parker will be representing The Steelers (although he does not necessarily have to play as The Steelers).  Other professional and collegiate athletes will be participating, as well as visits from other celebrities as well.

Want to get in on the action:

For a chance to battle NFL All-Pro Linebacker Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) on Xbox 360 direct from the Madden Bowl, send a friend request to the Xbox LIVE gamertag “RLewisGWF” between 8:00 – 9:00 PM

I don’t have a 360, and have never been on Xbox LIVE, so I don’t know how friend requests work there, but hey, good luck!

Countdown to XLIII: 2

Ok, so, as promised, here is the story of how I acquired my own The Terrible Towel.

I posted yesterday about how I’m not a huge football fan to begin with, although one thing that really did bother me was not having my own The Terrible Towel.

So in the beginning of summer 2005, I headed to Duquesne for a conference.  I got there ahead of most others, since it was a national conference, but I just had to come from Monroeville.

So as I wandered around the dorm we were staying in, waiting for my randomly assigned roommate (as it turned out, I had the only single, which was a bit unnerving, waiting all night for an unknown roommate, not having been told I didn’t have one), I decided to open all the drawers and take a look around.  Throughout my search I found nothing: until I lifted up the mattress and found a neatly folded yellow piece of fabric – my very own The Terrible Towel.

Strange, yes.  Potentially questionable, absolutely.  But hey, that’s how I got my own The Terrible Towel!

Update: ESPN has an article about The Terrible Towel, check it out here.

Countdown to XLIII: 3

Finally I get a chance to tell the story about my tie!  So, the big thing, is that I’m not a huge football fan.  I’d much rather watch hockey (or curling, if I’m flipping through and see curling, I always stop to watch) or soccer, tennis or even bowling.  I just find football boring.

Not that I would ever root for anyone besides the Steelers though (the phrase “17 and 1” still makes me smile!).  Having gone to St. Vincent, I think that I kind of got hit with Steelers overdose.  The thing that many fans who visit training camp forget is that there are classes going on, students doing research, monks praying: everything that normally goes on does not stop for the Steelers, except for the fact that everyone not associated with the Steelers are instantly treated like second-class citizens.  Training camp is fantastic, consistently rated the best to visit, and for families, there really is a ton to do.  Just do me a favor, be kind to each other, and stop littering, the ground looks awful by the end of the camp (that’s also the Boy Scout in me urging me to do about 36 hours of litter sweeps).  Oh, and if you really want to get an autograph, never underestimate the ability of a cute kid holding out a Sharpie to stop a pro football player.

But I digress…so needless to say, I always watch the Super Bowl, and really am glad that the Steelers are playing in it this year.  It’s given me a chance to do this blog series, and when else would I be justified in posting a smilie cookie?


Countdown to XLIII : 4

Banners downtown – Grant Street

Countdown to XLIII: 5 (take 2)

Oh my goodness, two posts in one day, and both about the Steelers.  Although truth be told, this one is about the Steelers and video games.

EA played their sixth annual game of Madden to call the Super Bowl, and so far, they are 4-1.  The game, according to EA Sports, will be won by the Steelers, 28-24.

Another good omen?  Or just a silly publicity stunt?  Maybe a bit of both.

Countdown to XLIII: 5

One of my all time favorite bloggers, PittGirl, is back for Super Bowl week.  She’ll be blogging over at Have a Good Sandwich.  Make sure to check it out!  And while she said she won’t be doing as many updates as she once did at her own site (thankfully giving my F5 key a rest), it’s still great to be reading her thoughts and everyone’s comments.

The only problem I have is that I forget who all the characters are.  I know who The Duke of Fug and the Earl of Gross is, but otherwise, I feel I need a primer on all the characters again…

Countdown to XLIII: 6

Something that has come up in conversation numerous times lately (and also at various times that I can recall), is the fact that you can go just about anywhere and find Steelers fans.  I posted last week about the Terrible Towel in Space, but another item that seems to propagate is the Steelers-themed bar.

A friend from college studied a semester in Australia and found a Steeler bar down under, and I always hear about finding Steeler bars in cities across the country and countries around the world.

Doing some research about it (since I don’t travel a lot, I figured I could live a little vicariously through google…) I actually found a list that the Post Gazette has put together by state.

Countdown to XLIII: 7

Here’s the tie that I got for the party at work on Friday. I liked it, mostly because it isn’t the normal kind of tie that just duplicates the team’s logo over the whole thing. More to come!

Returning the money

Taking a quick break from the road to the Superbowl, a link was posted by The Post-Gazette (at least I’m pretty sure it was the PG).  Remember a while back there was that big to do about the automatic pay raises that the members of the State House and Senate get?  Slowly but surely, most of them promised not to take it.

Well, from what I can gather, it seems that the raise is given out no matter what (probably something to do with their payroll system), and no foul there, no one can really control that I suppose except the Accounting department.  Well, as it turns out, only one third of the lawmakers have returned their pay raises thus far.

Interesting read, check it out, and be sure to contact your congressman if you feel he or she has a check to write.

Countdown to XLIII: 12

Two items of note, about the Terrible Towel.  Both have been making their rounds, but I figured that now was a good time to post them.

The first is a video at WTAE’s website of the Towel in space, pretty awesome!

The second is from a recent Pen’s game, Fleury came back on the ice briefly in support of the other Black and Gold:

I have a story about how I came in possession of my own Terrible Towel, hopefully I’ll have a chance to share it in the next few days!

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