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PATransit Tuesday: While we wait

Yesterday, while riding home from downtown, I spotted a fellow passenger in the front of the bus with a Kindle.  Now that in itself is enough to perk my interest and write a post, but I started thinking about how people spend their time on the bus (and presumably the T as well).

I listen to music, which mostly leads to napping.  And I enjoy that time.  When I’m not asleep though, I catch up on my podcasts (some of which are even educational) and watch the scenery out the window.  Lots of people read, some crochet (or maybe it’s knit, I can never remember the difference) and still others talk about their days while sipping coffee.

I have a hard time reading in moving vehicles, it puts me to sleep very quickly, which typically causes me to drop the book and lose my page, hence why I stick to my headphones.  But I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone’s favorite pastime is while travelling.

Waffle Shop Show Episode 2

CMU’s reality show/restaurant, Waffle Shop,  has released episode two.  Below is part one, part two after the break.  Highlights include:

  • Possibly cheating at Monopoly (or maybe just multiple instances of bad math and counting skills)
  • The sex police
  • Esoteric Waffles
  • Overdosing on Diet Pepsi
  • Dying in Pittsburgh
  • Accents both real and fake
  • A fantastic musical number



Inside Hofbrauhaus

Epiphany robbed, fish and shrimp stolen

Epiphany church in the Hill District has been robbed five times recently; as reported by KDKA, the robber is one of their volunteers at their fish fry.  On the noon news today, they reported that this last time, money wasn’t stolen, instead the man took fish and shrimp.  How oddly appripriate for Lent.

We don’t have a cafeteria here at work, and sometimes it can be hard to find places who deliver to us, or at least, places who will deliver that we haven’t ordered from the last ten times (thank goodness for Franktuary).  Epiphany is close enough to walk to, and their Fish Fry runs every Friday, not just in Lent, so it’s a great place to grab lunch.  If you’re looking for a good, cheap lunch, head on up the hill and grab a bite some Friday, you won’t be disappointed.  Although you may not be able to get seafood at the moment…

PATransit Tuesdays: Poetry

The Stranger’s Slog has an awesome feature that publishes each night called Midnight Bus Poetry.  As it seems, each one is a poem about their transit system.  Last night’s entry I think was a really good one (although truth be told, when it comes to poetry, to me, it’s like photography, I don’t really get it all the time, although I think I have a better appreciation of poetry).

Although, I do have to say, from my experience, the express bus that I ride into town for work every day, the people on it are very kind, and there is always some sort of conversation going on.  While the majority of us know each other in the “familiar stranger” sort of way, there really are people who have become friends.

I”m half tempted to send in some poetry for their column, or see if any can be collected here!

The irony of course, is that today’s column falls on one of those days that I had to drive to work becasue of a late meeting.

Pens win 4-1

Pens win 4-1, originally uploaded by Mike @

Wear a sweater tomorrow!

Tomorrow, March 20, is Mr. Roger’s birthday!  And to celebrate, it is the second annual “Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Day

“Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like, if each of us offered as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person…One kind word has a wonderful way of turning into many.”

Wear a sweater (it doesn’t have to be a zip-up on like Mr. Roger’s, just make sure it’s your favorite) and get free admission to the following:

  • Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
  • Photo Antiquities
  • National Aviary
  • Children’s Museum (performance by the PSO)
  • The Mattress Factory
  • Westmoreland Museum of Ameircan Art

More free events and a very special, Speedy Delivery message after the jump!


Should Detroit be the new Pittsburgh?

Update (about three seconds after hitting the ‘publish’ button): On second thought, I think this is more appropriately titled, “Can Detroit be the new Pittsburgh.”

I feel as if I’ve seen this comparison before, but can’t put my finger on it.  I know I’ve heard it talked about at work around the lunch table, so maybe that’s what I’m thinking.

Anyway, Anderson Cooper is taking the stance that Detroit, in its current state, can learn a lot from Pittsburgh.

I’m a bit biased in two ways.  First of all, I think lots of cities can learn a lot from Pittsburgh, I love this city!  And second, and it is completely irrational, I don’t understand it, but I don’t like Anderson Cooper.  No real reason, really, just don’t really like him.  I think I tend to put him in the same category as Bono, and I’m just done with him too.  But anyway, check out the article, it’s short and a good read!

(h/t to my stalker feed on Facebook)

Pittsburgh going green

A new website with a ridiculously long URL ( has launched, urging residents of Pittsburgh to go green by taking little steps.

This month’s project: replace incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs.  I really like CFLs, however, I’ve always been of the mind that you should wait until the old ones burn out, otherwise, aren’t you just needlessly adding waste?

Yeah, the carbon offset is a big pay-off, but maybe instead of replacing, this month you can take the step to purchase CFLs and then as you need them at home, replace.

To join the site you have to live in one of the neighborhoods within the city limits…so I lied a little bit.

Download Pittsburgh, or at least, The Pitt

March 24 will mark the release of the second downloadable content pack for Fallout 3, named “The Pitt.”  It is set in a future, desolate Pittsburgh, but other than that, I’m completely unfamiliar with it, seeing as I’ve never played any of the Fallout games.

If you have an XBox 360 or the game for Windows Live, check it out.  The third content pack, “Broken Steel” is set to be released in April, no word yet on where it will be set.

Trailer after the break, click through to see it (mature content).  I watched it and saw a couple familiar bridges and I think I spotted PPG Place.

(h/t to Portland Mercury)


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