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Here we go again

Ok, everybody, all at once, get ready to cheer for this one:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled today that Allegheny County must reassess its property values.

And by cheer, I mean quietly sob yourself to sleep.

The Post-Gazette reports this story, and while I was not a homeowner during the last reassessment, I seem to remember the lawsuits, the protests, the never-ending news stories (which I realize I’m not helping with) and the seemingly endless process.  Aren’t we all excited!

Bylsma loses ‘interim’

Dan Bylsma has been named the head coach of the Penguins.  KDKA has the story here.

We’ll know tonight who we play in the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, hopefully we’ll know dates and times as well.

PATransit Tuesday: Berkeley

This week’s column is more of a tangent, but since the mayoral race is heating up and politics are seemingly coming from all sides, I figured this would be a good time to bring some attention to this article.

The mayor of Berekely, 71-year-old Tom Bates, has recently given up his car in favor of a transit pass.

“I figure, if I really want to go someplace I can just rent a car.”

How awesome is that?  Wouldn’t it be cool to see Luke and other prominent members of city government to give this a shot.  Seems like the mayor and city council are very concerned, and rightly so, about transit during contract negotiations.  But what if they actually used it?

I don’t follow the city politics that much since I’m not a resident of the city, so there may be some higher-ups that do use transit as their primary mode of transportation.  But I do have to wonder what their reaction would be if this was asked of them, maybe at the next debate?

And as promised, here’s today’s unsubstantiated, unsolicited, wild speculation about the upcoming changes to PAT: The call center will reduce its hours and the system will finally change over to the text messaging service.  And free Twinkies with ever transfer.

Polamalu on cover of Madden NFL 10

Troy Polamalu, as well as Larry Fitzgerald, will be on the cover of Madden NFL 10.

This marks the first time that two athletes have been on the cover of Madden.  Kaotaku reports on it here.

Hopefully, the Madden Curse will be exercised by the addition of a second player on the cover.

Waffle Shop Show: Episode 5

For your viewing pleasure, Waffle Shop Show Episode 5.  Once again, I swear I’ve seen some of these clips before, but who knows, maybe I’m making it all up in my head.  In this episode:

  • God and sex
  • The props
  • Ruining the show
  • Hendrix confusion
  • Cooties geometry
  • Chairs
  • Snickers Bars and the male anatomy
  • Sex talk with Shawtay
  • Maximum security bakery
  • A Marie Antoinette moment

Part one is below, part two is after the break (mature content in part two):


Bus Stop Opera (maybe) performs again this weekend

Bus Stop Opera is slated to perform again this weekend (I’m guessing here, but possibly the last performance, unless the cast and crew are sticking around after the semester ends).  However, no route is posted.  So if you’re on the bus or at a bus stop around Oakland and the East Busway between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. tomorrow and see people spontaneously breaking out into song and dance, don’t worry, it was supposed to happen.

PATransit Tuesday: Earth Day and Possible Service Changes

Two topics for today’s column: Earth Day and the possibility of service changes.

First off: Earth Day!  Tomorrow, Wednesday the 22, is Earth Day.  Everyone should go out and hug a tree.  Barring that, the Port Authority will have a presence at Pitt’s Earth Day festival, showcasing how to utilize the bike racks on the buses (need some info but can’t make it to the festival, check out Bike Pittsburgh’s page here, including video and information for buses, the T and the inclines).  PAT will also be downtown from 11 to 2 at Fifth Avenue Place, as part of Highmark’s festival.  Want more info about their Earth Day presence and their hybrid buses (six on the road now, more coming in the fall – I wish I knew what they looked like so I could comment on them), check out their press release.

The second, and more interesting issue of the day, is the possible service changes coming to the T in the south hills (and mentioned complete overhaul of the entire transit system).  Now, generally, I don’t worry about the T that much, seeing as it does me no good.  I know that I’ve mentioned this before, and it is kind of bothersome.  But I do realize that once the North Shore Connector (another rant for another day) is finished, it will be moderately more useful to me.  But anyway, it looks like some stops will be eliminated and the routes will be changed from numbers to colors.

Lots more after the break, check it out.


Waffle Shop Waffle Show: Episode 4

Waffle Shop has just released episode four of Waffle Show.  In this episode:

  • Spice Girls
  • Moxie
  • Farkles
  • New host
  • Giraffes getting into knife fights
  • The musician’s life
  • State rivalries

A couple observations: Didn’t we already see the Farkle video, as part of a preview maybe?  Also, I’ve never heard the term before.  I’ve heard other words used in place of it, but never that one.  Also, I keep hoping that in one of the episodes someone will do a full-on Wash impression from Serenity, but nothing yet, although the scene with the giraffe was quite amusing.

Part one is below, the rest (parts two and three and the interlude) are after the break.



Gate 3: the screen is up

The Playoffs Start

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