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PATransit Thursday: Special TDP Edition

Although to be fair, this is extra special since it’s on Thursday!  The Port Authority released the findings of the Transit Development Plan online on Tuesday, one day after the Post Gazette reported on it.

Currently, PAT operates 187 routes with over 16,000 stops.  The goal of the TDP is to make the system more efficient, easier to use and faster for everyone.

Right now, there are three general options in place: Better Radial, Better Radial Plus and Grid.  None of the three are completely fleshed out, in fact, the closest Park-n-Ride lot to me isn’t even connected by any bus route in any of the new options.  But specifics aren’t there yet, the Port Authority knows this.

At the moment, I don’t have the time to be pouring over all these documents like I want to.  I’ve perused them quickly, but I really want to spend a lot of time reading and understanding the thinking behind each of the three options, as well as some of the other changes, including three different options for new bus loops in the Golden Triangle.  So I’ll take a little more time and get back to you, I promise (granted, it will probably be over a couple different posts, with so much to cover, I don’t want to try to cram it all into just one).

I’ll be revisiting this very soon, but in the meantime, check it out here.  Open houses (I’m guessing forum-like discussions) are planned for June in Oakland and Downtown, and changes are going to start by the end of the year and continue into 2010.

PATransit Tuesday: Speelcheck

See what I did with the title there?  Funny, huh?  Ok, probably not.  And as much as I wanted to talk about the upcoming service changes (I’ll probably do a special edition PATransit Thursday, ohhhhhhh), I was looking over the latest Rider Report and found this gem that I felt needed to be shared:

If you are a social service agency professional and would like more information about participating in an upcoming curse, please contact ACTA at 412-809-3505.

I added the emphasis.  And yes, it’s just missing an ‘o,’ and yes, I have been guilty of the same thing time and time again (many times right here on Metblogs, I do have a tendency to hit ‘publish’ before spellcheck, I’m trying to reverse that order), but I couldn’t resist posting this before it was caught and then corrected.

And in a related note, this edition of the Rider Report (and with this article) shows a bus with a tribute sign from the funeral last month.  The back signs on the buses were flashing “Zone 5,” also in tribute.  I tried to take a picture, but my cell phone camera was not up to the task.  I’m still trying to extract it somehow that is still viewable (without a zoom, it’s really small), if I have any luck, I’ll post it here for you.

I thought the signs were very, very nice and once I made the connection with the back signs (took me a second, I was trying to figure the schedule out for the EBS), I was taken aback by how such a small gesture could really mean so much.

And this week in wild, unsubstantiated ideas about the service changes: Base price will remain at $2, but for $3, you can get a pass good for unlimited rides for up to twelve hours.  And buses that run on the hopes and dreams of the citizens of Pittsburgh.

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