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Waffle Shop: Now with live news feeds

The Waffle Shop is expanding!  What started as an art project/reality show/class project, is now expanding to stay open, not only for brunch, but on a more permanent basis.  Details are still being worked out, and a couple different options are on the table, but it looks like Waffle Shop may be a more permanent fixture in East Liberty.

The new

The new

On top of that, they’ve started a new venture: live news feeds.  Instead of a host for the talk show set, one of the workers is used as a relayer, passing on the news being fed to them through their earbuds.

The news feeds sounds really awesome, and I’d love to go check it out when I get home.  New videos popped up on youtube, but I have no speakers up here at camp, so I’ll have to wait.  Also, their new website is taking shape, including spaces for live streaming video of the news feeds, although it’s all just a placeholder for now.

Quite possibly the definitive definition of ‘irony’

Image courtesy of wikipedia (CC license).

Many people will talk about this, and I’m sure they will describe it much more eloquently, but I am very excited to have such a good definition of the term.

Literally, I work across the street from Mellon Arena.  However, I am elsewhere for the summer, so I will be missing all the festivities.  Enjoy it, I wish I could be there!

Waffle Shop Show, episode 6

Just in time for lunch (well, lunch over the weekend), Waffle Shop Show has returned with episode 6.  I’m not sure if this is the season finale or not, there are credits for (I think) the first time, and the semester is over, so this might be it!

In this episode:

  • Good hosting props
  • Talking to boring people
  • Bonus maps!
  • Willing a hard drive to your child
  • College regrets
  • Watery food
  • Musical interludes
  • From Alaska to Pittsburgh
  • Moose burgers
  • Vampire fetish
  • $100 waffles
  • Fantastic dancing

Part one below, part two after the jump:



Programming Note

Just a quick note for everyone, work is once again taking me away from reliable internet access (although it does look like it will be better this year than last) and any amount of free time to write.  I’m going to do my very best to keep updating as much as I can, hopefully even more than last year.  Once more I will find myself deep in Fayette County (actually, very close to the WV border, but further away from downtown, hence, deep), so I’ll throw in a mix of posts from down that way as well. 

It really is beautiful down there (along Route 40), stop down and visit, I’ll even buy you a round at National Pike.  But in the meantime, I already have plans for a series which I’m dubbing “The July Project,” so watch for that in…July, as well as a big blogging event when VGL comes to town, and I’ll be back in June for a Pirates game, so I’ll cover that too.

Also, if anyone is interested in writing for Pittsburgh Metblogs, let me know in the comments.  There is a lot coming up: the Arts Festival (read: week of rain), the G20 summit, the Pirates striving for mediocrity, Rivers Casino opening and so much more: I’d love to have other people covering these events and just writing about the city we all love (or at least tolerate).  I’m not the city captain, but I promise I will pull as many strings as I can to get you added on as a writer!

PATransit Tuesday: Wait, really?

Work has kept me very, very busy, and I’ve been doing a lot of driving (thank goodness for the invention of Easy Pass!), and with all the driving, I”ve burned through a lot of CDs, so I’ve even occasionally turned on the radio.

PAT is running ads about the north shore connector.  Which is all well and good; that combined with the news that they were able to cut some of the costs really is welcomed news. 

However, having studied advertising- actually, no,  having ears and living in Pittsburgh is what allows me to ask the question, “wait, really?”

And I don’t have the official transcript of the ad, so I’m going of my memory here, but it goes something like this:

Pittsburghers hate crossing rivers

This is where my brain starts to hurt a  little bit and I question the ad shop that put this together.  The only Pittsburghers I know who are afraid of crossing rivers are the ones I make fun of because they can’t go anywhere.  Same with going through tunnels, although it is a little easier to get around without using a tunnel.

But really?  Pittsburgh.  City of bridges.  Really?  And I’ve been asking for a long time why PAT felt we needed an underwater T tunnel, when we’re really good at bridges.  I mean really good, it’s kind of what we do here.  But hey, apparently I’ve always hated crossing rivers and never knew it.

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