PATransit Tuesday: Wait, really?

Work has kept me very, very busy, and I’ve been doing a lot of driving (thank goodness for the invention of Easy Pass!), and with all the driving, I”ve burned through a lot of CDs, so I’ve even occasionally turned on the radio.

PAT is running ads about the north shore connector.  Which is all well and good; that combined with the news that they were able to cut some of the costs really is welcomed news. 

However, having studied advertising- actually, no,  having ears and living in Pittsburgh is what allows me to ask the question, “wait, really?”

And I don’t have the official transcript of the ad, so I’m going of my memory here, but it goes something like this:

Pittsburghers hate crossing rivers

This is where my brain starts to hurt a  little bit and I question the ad shop that put this together.  The only Pittsburghers I know who are afraid of crossing rivers are the ones I make fun of because they can’t go anywhere.  Same with going through tunnels, although it is a little easier to get around without using a tunnel.

But really?  Pittsburgh.  City of bridges.  Really?  And I’ve been asking for a long time why PAT felt we needed an underwater T tunnel, when we’re really good at bridges.  I mean really good, it’s kind of what we do here.  But hey, apparently I’ve always hated crossing rivers and never knew it.

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