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The July Project: Wrap-Up

So what did I learn this month?  I learned that a lot of resolutions are similar, and we’re really not so different (you and I).  But I think we already knew that.  But it’s always nice to have that reinforcement that we’re part of the community, connected in some way.

I did learn that Pittsburghers are extremely witty, even in the late hours of the night out in the cold.  And I learned that I’d like to go to First Night, but of course, I don’t like large crowds, so maybe not.

I questioned why this is the year of spells, and wondered who it is that is saving the world.  I even would like to resolve myself to look up more often.  I hope that the Metblogs readers have enjoyed this feature, I enjoyed not only the resolutions that I highlighted, but also trying to find more that were hidden in the pictures.

So here’s to a wonderful back half of 2009, if I had a glass I would raise it up.  Best of luck with  your new (and old) resolutions!

The July Project: Favorites

I saved three of my favorites for this post, I hope you enjoy them.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Dr. Horrible, but I really liked this one:


This one was classic, tucked down at the bottom:


And of course, the irony:


The July Project: Flow

These go well together, as far as I know at least: skating and going with the flow:


The July Project: Troops

I think it’s all good advice.  Just don’t drive too fast…


The July Project: Not war

An oldie but a goodie:


The July Project: Spells and Power

This one confuses me a bit, I think it’s the combination of “Power to the People” and “Year of Spells” so close together.  Also, I’m confused by the Year of Spells.  Anyone have any ideas?


Right on.

The July Project: Happy

Personally, I’m not a beach person, but to each their own I suppose:


The July Project: Self-improvement

The point of resolutions are almost always some form of self-improvement.  These in particular highlight that idea:



The July Project: God

Lots of resolutions revolve around God and religion.  Here’s a sample:



The July Project: Hopeless

Maybe it’s better to not make resolutions:


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