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Newspapers are dying…

Bloggers and media types have been talking for a while now about how to save the newspaper industry.  The Post Gazette will launch PG+ at midnight tonight, a members-only area, which appears to be more focused on interaction with PG writers, as well as a social networking spin.

Final Draft of the TDP released

The draft recommendations of the TDP have been released.  I’ll be working my way through it (all 230 pages of it) over the weekend, but check it out in the meantime to see how your route will be affected.

Individual route maps aren’t up yet won’t be posted until sometime next week, but the document goes over (somewhat cryptically) changes to be made to each line.  I haven’t been able to tell if I’m going to have bus access in my neighborhood or not, reading it could go either way and the map, even though it is marked as “large” does not cover the entire area.  But we’ll see, it is such a process.  And besides, this give me more time to start saving money for the fee increase (or possibly decrease if you used to live in the soon-to-no-longer-exist Zone 3).

Site news: Redesign and open comments!

Just a quick note to everyone, the powers that be have redesigned the entire Metblogs network!  I like to think that this was a super-secret birthday gift to me, and in my own little world, I’m going to keep thinking that.

In addition, if you feel like making a comment, go ahead, you don’t need to register.  Of course you can still register if you’d like to expedite the process in the future.

See you tomorrow, release of the TDP!

PATransit Tuesday: Twitter and the TDP

I’m not a huge fan of twitter.  Most of it has to due with my cell phone plan without free text messages, but besides that, I find them a bit unwieldy and not the most convenient.

That being said, I do check in on the Port Authority’s twitter page (from a computer) to check out the latest happenings, since much more appears there than on their website.  And it looks like the proposed final version of the TDP is going to be released on Friday.

Suddenly I feel like I should be taking bets…

And we’re back…

Or at least, I’m back from my summer work assignment.  No longer am I less than three miles from West Virginia, I’m back, once more commuting from one end of the Parkway East to downtown, but I am glad to be back.

I’ll be ramping up once more, especially with the G-20 barrelling down on us, but until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you real soon!

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