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Make Room for Kids, now live!

Kicked off this weekend by a fundraiser at Las Velas(best phrase/fundraising idea ever: Shots for Tots), Make Room for Kids is now accepting donations, courtesy of the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

Head on over to That’s Church to make a donation.


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Star Wars in concert

Monday: Make Room for Kids

 Virgina Montanez, aka PittGirl, has announced the name of her fundraising effort for a game room for Children’s Hospital.

More information about how this came to be is available here, but here’s the crux of the issue:

The point is that you and me, WE are giving this room to these kids as a gift and we’re essentially letting them know that there’s a whole city of people that would really like to see them kick the hell out of whatever it is they’re fighting at the moment.

Donations will start to be accepted on Monday, courtesy of the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

One of the coolest things is besides the TVs, game systems, PCs and games, the goal is also go buy some portable gaming devices as well.  Child’s Play raises money for this kind of thing across the country (for whatever reason, they did not respond, nor do they raise money for any hospital in Pittsburgh), but I do not know if they ever include portable devices as well.  Even if they do, it’s a good addition.

I’ll post more as this kicks off on Monday, I’m sure in the meantime it will be making its way around the Pittsburgh new media scene, hopefully Metblogs can help just a little bit!

PATransit Tuesday: Giving thanks and waving hello

No, I’m not going to be talking about the Luke’s marriage.  Quite frankly, it’s none of our business, but even more importantly: I don’t care.  And, it has nothing to do with transit.  Unless of course, Luke and Erin will only agree to see each other while riding the T.  This is how viscous rumors get started.

No, since Thursday is Thanksgiving, I wanted to talk briefly about the people I wave to while I wait for my bus every morning.  There are a couple neighbors who typically leave their homes while I’m standing at my stop, and I wave to them.  One of my mom’s coworkers also passes, and I always feel really bad because I never recognize her car until she is pretty much past me.  I should be able to see her coming, her headlights are strangely close together.  But still, I end up waving too late.

Throw in the dog walker, the couple who power walks and never seem to talk to one another and the cars that come from further up in my plan but I can set my watch to, and every morning there is a small cast of characters that I add back stories and adventures to in my head.

So to those people, who may or may not be reading, thanks for making my mornings a little more fun, and if you see me waiting for the bus, wave, and I’ll be sure to wave back.

Happy light up night!

Line out the door at the creamery

Penn State wins

Hating on the Internet

I was just called a scumbag on PG+!

Seriously though, I’m really enjoying PG+, and if you haven’t checked it out, try it out for a month to see if you like it or not.  I’ll have more of a review up in a couple days when I can spend some more time with it, but sadly, just like everywhere else on the Internet, it seems impossible to hide from trolls and others who like to hate, but hate using their brains.

Waffle Shop Week: Sunday

This will close out Waffle Shop Week, thanks for watching!  If you want to learn more about the Waffle Shop, check out their menu or find their hours, check them out online.

In this episode:

  • The visual arts at Pitt
  • Performing arts and parents
  • Peacocks and llamas (repeat)
  • SeaFoam (or maybe lime) green shirts


And after the break, Consciousness Cafe.


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