PATransit Tuesdays: Hello?

Aaaaaaand we’re back.  I wish it was on a better note.  Sometimes I feel like I’m always complaining in these columns, and maybe I am, but not to fear, I have at least two more in the works (one of which I can remember off the top of my head) that are of lighter fare.  Oh see, it’s also a pun, kind of, since the fares were just increased.

Speaking of, the fares went up.  And service disappeared.

That correlation was disheartening to say the least.  For the past two weeks, ever since the start of the New Year, my bus in the evening has either not showed up or been half an hour late (at least).  And while typically I can go with the flow, this is one, annoying, two, crappy service, and three, very cold.  And yes, I can survive in the cold, I’m bundled up enough when I need to be, but I have been concerned for some of the other riders on my bus, especially those with small children.  Standing out in the cold for half an hour, to catch a bus that never comes, to catch a different bus to a park ‘n ride, to wait outside another half an hour, to take a slower bus line home is not fun, nor could it be with small children.

So I did what any reasonable person would do.

I complained.  A lot.  And to my credit, as much as I wanted to, I never swore.  But I really, really wanted to.  Yes, I would like a cookie.

And to their credit, the customer service/PR people at PAT are very kind and as helpful as they could be, but they weren’t that helpful.  I still have not gotten an answer as to why the sudden decrease in service.  At this point, that’s really all I want to know.  What happened on January 1 that has made it impossible for my bus (other bus lines are running fine) to make it downtown on time, in any semblance of time?

I also asked about getting a refund, twice, but that of course fell on deaf ears.  I’m really not expecting any kind of refund, or at this point, any kind of follow up, I’m just hoping that whatever was messed up gets fixed.  I’ve explored other routes to get some response, but nothing yet.  So I’ll just keep complaining as often as I can.

In the meantime, I have to take the bus home, jump into my car and drive over to a meeting for work.  Anyone want to take bets on if I’ll make it on time?

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