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“Maybe the world breaks on purpose”

The Levi’s “Go Forth” campaign is one of my favorites in recent memory, and now, it comes to Braddock:


h/t to PG+

G-20 kicks off in Toronto

Make sure to check out Toronto Metblogs for coverage of the G-20 summit.  Once again, I’m glad I’m not covering it, once was enough for me.

swoononeone checked in yesterday with this report:

So what happened. Everyone stayed home if they could. A few yahoos “tested the bounds” of authority. (Duh, what do you think happens if you breach a perimeter, push a cop or act like an idiot.) The majority of the protesters near the “problem area” and the city were peaceful. There may have been a few aggressive individuals at Yonge and College. Sad that the man that was arrested there was a deaf man (who probably didn’t hear the instructions from a scared and agitated security force). Worse still is that this man is being held in a detention centre without being provided an interpreter!

And again today:

Don’t know why the Police have not defused this. This group sounds like they are way too close, a block away from the “cage” now. I can only guess that they are trying to get some damning evidence, clear the bystanders, and then mobilize the Police counter-attack. I’m not about to get anywhere near Union Station or the Royal York.

Check out all the updates as they happen over at Toronto Metblogs.

I was not expecting a carnival

I was in Wilkins yesterday and did not expect to see a carnival.  Surprise!

Conflict Kitchen follow up

I previously wrote about Conflict Kitchen, and now the PG has covered it, adding this amazing little fact:

“I am a locavore, so the beef we use is from a cow in Ligonier, and the flour is from a gristmill in Latrobe.”

Being a graduate of Saint Vincent, I can attest to how awesome everything that comes out of the Gristmill is, next time you’re out that way, stop in, you may even see some of the monks making flour, and be sure to swing around the back to the coffee shop!

And related, above Conflict Kitchen and Waffle Shop is their billboard project, a public forum.  The first is up:

World Record floatilla attempt

I haven’t heard one way or another if it was verified for the World Record book, but here is an absolutely amazing shot of the boats courtesy of Lindsay at I heart PGH:


In other news, it’s the kick-off of the Arts Festival, which of course means it’s Pittsburgh’s monsoon season.

Protest on Grant Street

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