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My Alma Matter rallies together

My Alma Matter (at least for K-4) is banding together to help a fellow classmate, 9 year old Jasmine, who is recovering from her second of three surgeries to take care of a brain tumor.

The students, teachers and parents held a bingo night, and will be holding multiple dinner fundraisers in the fall as well.  As I find out about more events, I’ll post details here.

WTAE has the story here.


While the IMF’s president, DSK, works through the legal system, I was reminded of this photo from the G-20 opening reception at Phipps:

Well that’s awkward.

How is everbody’s Memorial Day weekend?


Travel safe everyone!

That was easy


Give me another one to figure out!

More beer-related news

Some more beer related news for you: you can become a capitol-investor of East End Brewing!  East End is raising money to move to a much larger space (still not that accessible from the East Busway, sadly), and is offering a new program which basically lets you pre-order your beer.  However, you also get VIP passes, exclusive invites to events, tours and a t-shirt.  Pretty awesome!

I love East End’s beer, and if I had the money, I would certainly do it, but sadly, it is just not going to happen right now.  If you want more information about it, check it out here.

East End has also teamed up with local app creator, Levlr, and now has a mobile site (through Beerby) that allows you to quickly find the hours and beers on tap at each location.  Check that out here.

Congratulations D’s II!


Big win for D’s II in Monroeville today at the chili cook off held at South Side Works.  Here is Dan with their trophy (from my crappy camera phone)

If you have never been, stop in at either Monroeville or Regent Square for an awesome selection of craft, impored and domestic beer, great food (obviously) and the best staff in the world.

What I saw today on 119 and 40

I may have a picture to go with this post, I have to go through my phone and see if it is salvageable.  But I went down to the depths of Fayette County today, and I have to say, it was the strangest trip (of too many to count) that I’ve ever driven.  Here is a partial list of what I witnessed:

  • Camels.  This is when I knew it was going to be a strange trip.
  • Two women from the Bruderhoff waving at passing traffic
  • More horse shit than I though would be possible
  • Nemacolin employees walking between facilities on the highway (you would think that Joe Hardy could afford a shuttle)
  • A charity car wash
  • More walkers going up and down the Summit than I have ever seen at one time
  • A stretch limo on back roads
  • A professional racing car

I will just say this: Good gravy.

Golf is weird

It’s been a very long two weeks, with no end in sight, but that’s okay, I guess, I don’t really need the sleep.  Anyway, yesterday, I was working a golf fundraiser for work.  Now, my experience with golf is in the miniature fashion.  I don’t really understand real golf.  But in the two years I’ve worked this event, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Apparently, sometimes (but not for our event), you can buy mulligans.  That seems strange to me that you can buy a better score.
  • Some people do wear funny plaids.  Most don’t.
  • More people need to wear funny plaids.  And big berets.
  • There are some really awesome golf club covers and umbrellas.
  • Hot dogs injected with cheese and jalapenos are awesome!
  • Golf courses aren’t designed to soak up as much rain as we’ve been getting lately.
  • Golf course managers are very good at reading radar maps and keeping everyone safe (thanks!)

I still don’t know what club you use for what, or really how the game works, but when it wasn’t pouring or threatening us with lightning bolts, it was a fun day, I even got some work done outside between rounds.

Also, the staff at Cedar Brook are amazing, and the food was excellent, if you’re down near Route 70 and 51 (and throw 981 in there as well), stop in, it’s worth a trip!

This can’t be good


Some kind of accident at Liberty and Seventh.  Buses are running late, lots of emergency vehicles and flashing lights.  Stay away if you can.

Happiness and Sorrow

Today’s sports news brings both happiness and sorrow, although chances are you’ve already heard both items by now.

First, go outside right now, head to Oakland and burn a couch, the Pirates are over .500!  As of this writing, the game being played now has no score, so we can still celebrate this fleeting whiff of mediocrity!

Second, sadly, the Cotton Candy Man has passed away.  Ken Geidel, who also sold Lemonade at Pirates Games, was a Pittsburgh staple.  And, in a very classy move, the Penguins put up a news story about it.  How many cities professional sports teams care like that?  Read the Pen’s article here, and go to WTAE’s coverage here, which includes two videos of Geidel in action.

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