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When did this happen?


I thought it was illegal to sell fireworks in pa

Anthro Con 2011

Yesterday was the last day of Anthro Con, so the furries have come and went, once again, leaving us all wondering.  For some fun speculation, check out Franktuary’s blog.  Could it be that our Commander in Chief is a furry?  Frank Discussion is on the case!

I found some pictures, check them out:

Holy crap!

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For your viewing pleasure

I don’t think I can embed youtube videos yet, but I wanted to share these two videos from Waffle Shop for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

First up, Bucks County Representing, which includes the following:

  • Speedos
  • Trips to Japan
  • Chocolate smells
  • The witness protection program
  • Phone technology

And the second is The Freak Hours, including:

  • Puppet shows
  • Searching through tags
  • Dental hygiene
  • More puppets

Happy Sunday!

Mr. Rogers’ stalkers

Copyranter found an old letter that Mr. Rogers wrote an overly-eager fan.  Of course, his poise, compassion and kindness show through, even all these years later.

Click through the link to read Copyranter’s post and see the larger version.

Local high school football player killed

A player from my alma mater was gunned down while in North Carolina.

An impromptu vigil was held this afternoon as word spread.  WTAE and are both following the story.

Porn and Crime

As an alumnus of Saint Vincent, this is big news (not quite as big as when the Hollow Tavern burned, or more importantly, Route 30 Beer), but the Adult book store just off campus was set on fire.  I drove past it (heading out past Ligonier for work) and the building is just decimated.

Now, here’s the thing.  There are a couple of businesses between Fraser Purchase Road (where Saint Vincent sits) and Route 981, which, depending on which way you turn, either takes you to the Arnold Palmer airport or into downtown Latrobe.  However, those businesses are either obscured from the road, or down in a small gully, so you never really notice they are there to begin with.

Fun story though, a year or two after I took the class, a group was getting ready to film their music video for the introduction to video production class.  They talked with the owners and were going to see if they could use some of the stage space during the day for their project.  While they were waiting to speak to said manager, they were admiring the printed profiles of the ladies who worked there, which were pinned to a bulletin board just inside.  Low and behold, one of the dancers took her picture with a very distinctive desk which was only found in one building: the lobby of the Freshman dorm.

PATransit Tuesday: Seattle Conversation

Cool article from Slog about an actual conversation from a bus operator (original emphasis left intact):

“I hope you have the best day you can possibly imagine, and I hope you can’t possibly imagine the limits of your imagination. The fare is $2.50.”

I certainly have a couple operators I can imagine saying the same thing.

Another trip for 101 Achievements

I’ve posted before about an awesome local blog called 101 Achievements, but I need to post this one as well, seeing as I busted out laughing:

And then Michael decided we would play a game called 'baby Jessica stuck in the well.' Except that baby Jessica's well wasn't freaking HAUNTED.

Love it.  Check out the blog for more Pittsburgh awesomeness.

So this is gettting annoying


It is like an obstacle course every night coming down from The Hill.

Frothy-Mix to start presidential campaign

Former senator from Penn Hills (when it suited him at least) Rick Santorum is slated to begin his bid for the Republican nomination June 6, from a local coal field.

While I don’t expect the campaign to last, seeing as he has been in the low single-digits in most recent Republican polls (but if your name isn’t out there, you don’t get the FOX news contracts after the race), it will certainly be shameful to once again watch this man in the national media.

Miley Cyrus, of all people blasted Santorum and Urban Outfitter’s support of his campaign.  Now this will be a dumb question, but wasn’t there some Pittsburgh/Miley Cyrus connection a year or so ago?  Someone marrying a Penguin player?  Or am I totally mixing things up in my head?

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