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Zoo Brew

Once again, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium will be opening its doors to craft beers from around the country and you’re invited to partake.

Friday, September 16, starting at 6 p.m., you can view the animals, eat food and drink some awesome craft beers.  Some of my favorites will be there, including Duck Rabbit, Leinenkugels, Terrapin and Great Lakes, and other awesome breweries, like Duquesne, who I haven’t been able to drink yet, will be there as well.

Also representing Pennsylvania will be Yuengling, Penn and Rivertowne.

You even get a commemorative mug to take home with you!  But more importantly, this event helps to support the animals and the outreach programs of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

Check out more details and purchase tickets here, hope to see you there!

See that light green Beetle?


That’s the driver (and I refrained from typing more colorful language) who flew through a stop sign while on her phone aand almost ran me over.

And I’m pissed because I was having a great day.  Thanks a lot.

A note about the ads

So, I typically work from Firefox, it, like many other browsers, have made it easy to block ads on websites, so rarely do I even see things flashing on webpages anymore.

And, I’m sure, as most of you know, ads are placed by algorithoms.  So when you come across, say a website about Pittsburgh, with an entry titled, “Holy Shit” of course the fancy coding will place an ad for Santorum.

As someone who lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania, I like to take any opportunity I can to apologize for Santorum.  But I can’t help but smile at the fun ad placement (and hopefully wasted money from his “campaign”).

Steel City Games Fest 2

Looking for something awesome to do this weekend?  May I suggest Obscure Games Pittsburgh’s 2nd annual Steel City Games Fest?  Of course I can, and you can’t stop me, because I’m going to suggest it.

Head on over to Mellon Park (registration at the Shadow Lounge) and play for cheap for 24 hours.

Also, local eateries, including BRGR and The Waffle Shop are doing special events and deals throughout the festival.

Check it out here to learn more about the games.

And if that’s not your cup of tea, click through the link anyway to learn about #buckUP, an ongoing game where you, yes you, can find free money.

Holy shit

Guys, the earth just moved.  Like, shook our building up here in the Hill District.

I’m a little unnerved.  Reports are coming in from across the region, stay tuned.

Update: Here’s what’s being officially reported: 5.8 (preliminary) magnitude earthquake, centered in Virginia.  Friends are reporting (just log in to Facebook or Twitter) feeling it in Westmoreland County, downtown, North Shore, Erie and Dormont, among others.

Line for the circus this morning.


What I saw this morning as I was walking up the hill.

Bing…and decide, or something like that

You should check out Bing today (I know, it’s still a thing!), they have a beautiful view of Pittsburgh at night as their daily background (thanks, and this is totally real, to one of the monks and a former classmate of mine at St. Vincent for bringing this to my attention).

You probably already know all the pop-up facts that they offer, but it’s a neat snapshot of the city, especially for those who don’t love it here as much as we do.

Oh yeah, and it’s also a search engine or something (I kid, I kid…I have a Zune.  But even I use google search).

Hey, you, in the Steel Tower

There’s a blood drive going on today.  Go to Conference room 1080 (10th Floor), walk ins are welcome and I bet there will be some juice.  Maybe even cookies.

Oh yeah, and everyone who donates will get two free Pirates tickets.

Go be a hero and make the world a better place!

What I learned at CMU

I recently headed down to CMU.  I was getting the beta version of Tiramisu installed on my Android phone.  The team behind the app hopes to have it available in the next few weeks.  I was away for work, but I’ll be testing it some more and recording trips all this week and next to help them out (I ran out of things to test without actually riding a bus or watching them go past me, so I became useless for a few days).

Anyway, here are some observations from my trip, again, in no particular order.

I might have out-geeked some of the CMU students.  I have the R2D2 phone, which makes noises like it’s namesake when I get e-mails.  Which perked up some of the engineers from their coding work (it also plays sounds from Myst when I get a text, but that didn’t happen.  Yes, I have serious nerd/dork-cred)

There was a coffee pot sitting on a bench outside of Dougherty when I walked to the office.  It was still there when I walked back to my car.

I totally parked in the wrong spot.

But in doing so, I got to see a lot of campus.  I’ve been to their campus numerous times, I was the adviser for a conference held there a few years ago, which was nice, since most of the meetings were at night, I got to park for free, which sadly, does not translate on a Friday afternoon.

Campus is really, really big.  I went to Saint Vincent, which is a pretty compact campus (also, must smaller enrollment), surrounded by corn fields.  CMU seems to go on forever in all directions, and is surrounded by concrete and Oakland traffic.

I did not see Batman, the Batmobile or Catwoman, even though I was secretly hoping to stumble into Gotham City and need saving.

Other things I learned from Twelfth Night

I saw Quantum Theatre’s production of “Twelfth Night,” and really enjoyed it.  However, I learned a lot of other random things that night.  In no particular order, here’s what else I gleamed from my trip to an unused building on a dead-end street in Bloomfield:

I recently got a new camera, and have no idea how to use it apparently.  However, I did manage to capture this really awesome shot, somehow.  And one, which I’ll never be able to do again, even if I tried.

As a whole, I think the audience had a hard time with the Shakespearean English.  The guy next to me, had no idea what was going on.  I know, because he told his wife that, multiple times during the first act (they left during intermission).  Now, it might have been all the wine he drank before coming to the show (again, I know, because he wreaked).

I found myself laughing a lot more than the rest of the audience.  Maybe I was just picking up more of the jokes.  Maybe I’m just the right mix of intelligent and immature, but this play has a lot of dark, adult humor in it.  So I of course, loved it!

I got bit by a mosquito.  Anyone who has camped with me, will not find this to be a surprise at all.  I’m a mosquito magnet.  But, I guess that’s a hazard (one that I’m willing to withstand) of seeing a play outside.

Which, aside from the interference from the trains, the actors also have to deal with car alarms, racing motors, police sirens, helicopters and what sounded like a table saw.  Good for them for being able to block it all out.

I had read about this production before going to see it, so I was prepared for the train stoppages (and kind of looking forward to seeing them), but I don’t think many of the audience members were.  Which, of course, combined with their apparent lack of understanding, made me laugh even more at their confusion.  Because I’m a horrible person.

I did find it extra amusing, what appeared to be the performance’s third train stoppage, which was announced with the train whistle after a very climactic moment…then to be called off.  I’m still amazed at how the actors and crew coordinate it all.

Again though, go see this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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