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Igloo Watch 9-28


Dangerous chair!

Igloo watch: 9-27


More fencing this morning.

Scene at the Civic Arena this morning

As I walked past this Civic Arena this morning, which is scheduled to begin being demolished, I witnessed some very inept traffic signaling, construction workers getting in the way of pedestrians and making no attempts to apologize or even move out of the way and a news crew from KDKA peering between the fence near Gate Nine.

It was a good morning.

Beautiful way to start the Pens (pre)Season

A friend of mine is a photographer who very often gets to go to awesome and insane locations around the world.  I logged back into Google Plus, and saw this beautiful pic in my feed (or whatever it’s called):

King Penguin Pelage The Serene Collection South Georgia, Antarctica. The goal in a lot of my photos is to get the viewer to spend a little extra time on my images, to wonder what it is and hopefully come to the right conclusion. I also like to show people things they may have seen but in a different light and unusual angle. This is the bright patch of colour seen at the base of the neck of the king penguin. I noticed that for a short moment the kings would stretch their neck in a way that I could get this interesting diagonal of the black boarders that separate the front white patch from the grey backside. It took many tries but in a stroke of luck I was able to get the shot I was looking for in appropriate light. Taken on a real live penguin in the famous Gold Harbour of South Georgia.

The photo was taken by Kyle Marquardt, and you can see his work at

It’s also great that the Pens won, even though it’s the pre-season, it’s great to beat the Red Wings.

Seriously, Johnstown?

A Johnstown area school district, Richland, pulled their scheduled performance of the play “Kismet” (which I’ve never heard of by the way), because there are Muslim characters in the play and the performance was going to be near September 11.

The superintendent cited the fact that they are near Shanksville as the reason for pulling the play.

I’m going to let a quote from the article speak for itself:

Ahmed Rehab, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said that literature and the arts are some of the best ways to bridge gaps between people.

“And those in education ought to know that more than anyone,” Rehab said. “We’re a country of immigrants. It’s doesn’t stand true to our legacy as a nation. I think they need to reinstate the play.”

And I’m back.

Apologies dear readers, we had a big event at work, and after all the planning, for the actual event, I ended up working five 17-hour plus days in a row.

So needless to say, nothing got posted here for a while.  Nor did I really sleep or enjoy life.  But now I’m back, and what an awesome day, the beginning of the Pens Preseason!

Anyway, I’ll have lots to post over the next few days, so stick around.  I’m also going to remove he sticky post asking for writers.  I had a bunch of people interested, and I’m working on getting them added.  In the meantime though, if you want to write, just contact me!

Which was then followed by:


Dinner!  I kept hearing about the lobster rolls on the radio, so I had to try them, and they were awesome!

Lunch from Wholey’s


An amazing sushi roll from Wholey’s – Salmon and mango!

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