PATransit Tuesday: Seattle does Rapid

Part of PAT’s grand plan has been the inclusion of RapidTransit, dedicated buses (which look different in design and paint to differentiate), which make fewer stops at dedicated shelters and get you quickly from one dense area to another.

I’ve been a bit skeptical of this plan, mostly because I haven’t heard of another city pulling it off successfully.  And it also seems very much like the East Busway, which works, because it is a dedicated road.  This would take the busway concept and make it travel through normal roads, with traffic and everything, even if it would get priority at lights.

Well, Seattle is rolling out their Rapid transit, and it doesn’t look good:

[It] really tests the definition of the word “rapid.”

While I appreciate the re-envisioning of bus service to make the details run more smoothly—I wish every bus line in the city could be replaced with RapidRide buses and bus stops—this isn’t anything revolutionary.

Read the whole thing here.

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