Shame on IUP Professor

A professor at the Eberly graduate college of business is accused of making harassing and homophobic remarks to a student.  IUP is investigating, and good for the students who rallied today after words spread of the incident.  KDKA covers the story here.

IUP is a public school: our tax dollars help to pay for it as part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and from what I’ve heard from some current students, a fairly tolerant place (and their actions today show that).  However, for this professor to spout off like this, at a public institution, is reprehensible.

If you’d like to contact the Dean of the school (be respectful!), his contact info is here and his direct e-mail is

Update: A second student has come forward with similar accusations.  I have the link at home, I’ll be updating more later tonight.

Here’s the link to the follow-up story.  Five years ago, the same happened to another student, who complained to the school, although it seems nothing was done.  He has a fantastic quote:

“You see teenagers and college students committing suicide because they don’t feel accepted, and you know we just can’t afford to lose another life to bullying,” said Michael Heller. “Especially from a university professor – a tenured university professor – who should be teaching business not bigotry.”

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  2. Concerned Citizen (unregistered) on October 18th, 2011 @ 9:26 am

    Leave the professor alone! He is exercising free speech in public
    which there is no law prohibiting. If you ever walk around IUP the
    mall or any other public place you will hear all sorts of
    profaneness and see so much provocativeness. But the general public
    (of which is the majority) must be tolerant, WHY? What if every
    time I heard or saw something on the street I didn’t like or it
    offended me and I would call the local police or contacted the
    local news? GROW UP! if you want to live that type of unnatural
    life DEAL WITH IT! The hard facts are that the professor is
    correct! Homosexuality is not normal and is not natural! If gays
    can be belligerent and shove their agenda in the public’s face,
    then straight folks should be able to defend what is normal without
    reprise. This is just the ugly head of socialism rising from the

  3. Someone With an Ounce of Damn Sense (unregistered) on October 19th, 2011 @ 2:55 pm

    You can still be fired for exercising your free speech rights while
    on the job. The First Amendment protects you from being silenced by
    the government, not from being fired. Since it’s a public employer
    it’s a little more fuzzy but when your speech is disruptive to the
    job you’re supposed to do, you’re not entitled to keep that job.
    Would “Concerned Citizen” be ranting about creeping socialism if
    the professor were insulting his particular religion or political
    affiliation? I bet not.

  4. Mike (psion) on October 19th, 2011 @ 9:45 pm

    I’m still confused as to how socialism is being brought into this.
    But I guess I’ll never understand how it gets dragged into so many
    unrelated debates. Anyway, you say homosexuality is not normal, but
    in fact depending on studies (and I would gather the diversity of
    animals studied causes the vast gap), many species do exhibit
    homosexual behavior (anywhere from 70-1,500). You may want to read
    the book “Sex at Dawn,” which looks at our closest genetic
    relatives, the Bonobo, which very often resolves conflict (and
    greets, says goodbye, and generally just passes the time) by having
    sex, often with same-gendered partners. As “Someone” above said, in
    public, you’re more than welcome to protest to your hearts content,
    “Concerned.” See something you don’t like, go for it. But a
    professor, who is being paid by my tax dollars to do a job, should
    be doing that job and not harassing students. And nowhere, were
    either students “shoving their agendas in the public’s face.” The
    professor brought the issue up, they defended themselves. Their
    very right to exist. And their rights to be treated with dignity.
    When heterosexuals discuss their spouses, their children, their
    dates, their social lives, that’s flaunting their sexuality,
    without even knowing it. And to young people still coming to grips
    with their own sexual orientation, it can be traumatizing. All
    these two student’s wanted to do was learn. To be in a classroom
    where they would be judged on their academic merits alone. But they
    stood up for themselves, and their peers, and they should be
    commended for not backing down and refusing to believe that they
    are somehow wrong, a mistake or abnormal. Good for them. We might
    not know what ever comes of this, being a personnel matter though.
    And honestly, I always tend to think that we shouldn’t know. I
    don’t really want to know all the details of other people’s
    careers, and I don’t have the time to really care. But this is
    money coming from my taxes that pay his/her salary, and it should
    not be paying for bigotry.

  5. Mike (psion) on October 19th, 2011 @ 9:46 pm

    Okay, I swear I had paragraph breaks in there…guess I should have
    used some HTML code.

    Just a quick test of the break code

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