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I don’t know the question


But the answer is carrots!

I took this picture last week while walking outside Steel Plaza T Station, I think it’s some kind of community garden project maybe?

PATransit Tuesday: Bike Racks

Last week, the Port Authority and Bike Pittsburgh announced that now 100% of the fleet of PAT buses have bike racks.  Pretty cool.  I see a lot of use from the racks on the East Busway Routes (not so much on the suburban flyers, but that might pick up).  City Walkabout has the story here.

I also seem to remember hearing something about now being able to take bikes on the T during all hours.  I can’t find any mention of that, and I don’t ride the T, but if you’ve heard anything about that, let me know in the comments.

Halloween is fast approaching

It's a severed arm, but you probably figured that out.

I keep meaning to forget, a new company I found, Specter Studios, is a local costume and prop company located in Sharpsburg.  And if you’re looking to have an order for Halloween, you have to place it by the 10th for guaranteed delivery.

I really love the plague doctor costumer, Raven mask and Penguin mask (which I think would be fun to wear to Consol, actually).  Check out their online store here for all kinds of complete costumes, severed limbs, awesome beanies, wings and a lot more!

Troubles in Allentown

It’s not Pittsburgh, but it’s in the state, and I wanted to bring some attention to it.

Apparently, there is an Amazon distribution center in Allentown, a giant warehouse without air conditioning or medical staff.  And may I also mention that not only is that going to be very bad for the workers, as the news reports, but think of the book!

Anyway, back to the more important part of the story: workers passing out and no medical facilities on site.  Slog has the story here.

An angry customer, after reading about it, sent Amazon a letter, and here is their response:

At Amazon, the safety and well-being of our employees is our number one priority. We have several procedures in place to ensure the safety of our associates during the summer heat, including increased breaks, shortened shifts, constant reminders and help about hydration, and extra ice machines.

Our fulfillment team was dealing with record hot temperatures this past summer. We have air conditioning in some of our fulfillment centers — Phoenix, AZ for example — but we haven’t historically had air conditioning in our East Coast fulfillment centers. We’re in the process of adding air conditioning to additional fulfillment centers so that we’re prepared in case what we saw this past summer becomes the new normal.

I find it hard to believe that the safety and well-being of their employees is their number one priority, if the nearest medic is 11 miles away.  And let’s be honest, we’ve all lived through hot and humid PA summers, they can really suck.  Amazon chose to not put air conditioning in their facilities on the East Coast.  But now that their customers are outraged, they’ll install them.  At least it’s progress.

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