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Corbett’s 112% lie

I try not to get too political here, however, Pennsylvania is making national headlines, so I figured I’d mention it.

Maddow Blog recently covered not only Governor’s support of an abhorrent mandatory ultrasound bill (much like the bill to come out of Virginia), but also his recently signed voter ID bill.

Never mind that even though is outcry from both sides of aisle, he has yet to reveal is plan for the state’s transportation funding, this bill sets out to “solve a problem” that doesn’t exist:

But here’s the trouble: there are no examples of Pennsylvania precincts, at a time or in an election, coming in with 112% participation. Corbett appears to have simply made this up.

Voter ID bills around the country are set up to discourage blocks of the population from voting: groups that tend to vote democratic, hence the big push of them this year.  If voter fraud was a problem, it would be another matter, but as it is right now, there is not a problem, just a grab to keep republicans in power at the expense of democracy.

And I know, it’s a hyperbolic, but I’ll go with it for now, and go back to mostly ignoring politics tomorrow.

PATransit Tuesday: T Plus

The new T stations and the North Shore connector opened this weekend.  I’m super excited actually, I haven’t ridden the T in probably close to 15 years (damn you for not going East or to places like the Waterfront, South Side, Oakland, Water Works, etc).

But I’m going to a Pirates game in April, and I plan on taking the T over to the North Shore.

In the meantime though, you can find out more information and see pictures of the new stations here.  I’d love to hear if anyone has taken advantage of it yet, sound off in the comments below.

Update: Benstonium hits it out of the park with this new video.

You Can’t Get There From Here, part II

So, not only is there all kinds of construction (see yesterday’s post), once again, for the third time, there is construction on the sidewalk in front of the post office and federal courts downtown.

It’s getting a bit absurd how much work is being done to this one block of sidewalk.  I honestly don’t know what else they can possibly do, but I’m sure it will end up being much more inconvenient to pedestrians.  The pillars they put up in front of all the entrances (presumably to prevent vehicles from ramming the doors) really just get in the way for pedestrians.

So once again, I’ll be going out of my way to get to the bus station each morning and afternoon.  I love construction season!

You Can’t Get There From Here

Last week marked the beginning of the construction work on the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.  In addition, a massive restoration effort is starting on the Crosstown Boulevard, including the connections to the Vets Bridge, Liberty Bridge and the Hill District.

Basically, if you use any of the ramps near the area where the Hill District connects with Downtown (Civic Arena, Consol Center, Boulevard of the Allies, etc), there will be a time when you won’t be able to get anywhere.

However, figuring out when things are going to be under construction is a bit of a challenge.  Here is a link to the map which we were provided.  Good luck making heads or tails of it, I’ll be playing each day by ear as I try to get to work and home each day!

Spring comes to Penn Station


Igloo Watch: 3-13


Igloo Watch: 3-12


And what a difference three hours can make:


New brand for Mt. Wa(r)shington

I’m back from my travels, and so blogging resumes, first up a new branding initiative for Mount Washington.  The City Walkabout blog reported on it, and I really like the new logo:

I think I’ve only been to Mt. Washington twice (I know, I’m a bad Pittsburgher), something about the heights, narrow streets and rumblings of impossible to find parking make me hesitant to venture up there.

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