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Before I Die

I think I mentioned it before, but the “Before I Die” wall is up in Lawrenceville, at Arsenal.

The Walkabout covers it here.  It looks like a really cool project, and reminds me a lot of the resolution wall done for First Night 2009, which I turned into the July Project.

I like things like this where the community can leave public messages for each other and interact.  I sadly don’t have time to make it over there, but I’d love to see some more pictures.  I certainly hope some of the statements went meta and referenced other ones on the board!

The Brew Gentlemen

Matt and Asa, also known as the Brew Gentlemen, just graduated from CMU and are moving into a location in Braddock.  You can check out pics of their recent renovation work here and here.

I love craft beer, although sadly, I don’t have the time or space at the moment to explore homebrewing.  Although in hindsight that is okay, there is still a lot of beer out there for me to try!

I love the fact though that it’s a small start-up, making use of space in a community that needs the influx of people and businesses.  Hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to go and fill up a Growler from their space.

In the meantime, follow the blog from here, it’s awesome to watch the progress!

A note about PSU

One of the things I’ve been trying to do lately is clean up all my e-mails, as well old periodicals that I’ve apparently been hoarding for some sort of time when I need to either build a fort of newspapers and magazines, or possibly just for a long afternoon to read.

I promised a long time ago to react to the PSU scandal, noting that my thoughts might make people mad, but I couldn’t quite put anything into words.  As it turns out, one of those magazines I saved, put my thoughts in words for me.

As we all read with horror as the facts came to light (and speaking of, what’s going on the trial?), the local blogosphere annoyed the crap out of me.  The general consensus was outrage, which is the right feeling to be sure.  But after the outrage seemed to come the sense of loss for the youth.

But in a way that seemed to almost pander to them.

What happened was awful, it was horrific and no one should have to experience that, don’t get me wrong.  But I have to believe that those victims will continue on and they can live their lives without being defined by what happened to them.

I think that sometimes that society and the media put victims into a place where that is all they are, and I hate seeing that.

But anyway, the article from Newsweek comes from Tyler Perry, and here’s a quote:

 You will get through this; you’ve already endured the worst part at age 11. Now fight on, my young friend, fight on! We are all with you.

Go read the whole thing here, and sorry for bringing up the bad memories.

Grass cutting made easy

One of the blogs from the Post-Gazette I follow is Gardening with Doug.  I like to think I inherited a green thumb, and I may have, at least compared to those around me.

But anyway, on a weekend like this, hopefully, you’re not outside cutting the grass (or at least you’re waiting until it cools down in the evening).  However, you should check out this post, where Doug reviews a grass-cutting robot.

I remember some of the original robots being much smaller, looked flimsy and couldn’t handle many hills, so it basically made them worthless for Pittsburgh, but this new one looks much more sturdy.  Hopefully the price comes down, that would be awesome!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Penguins join in with equality

Hot on the heels of the Pirates “It Gets Better” video, which I wrote about here, Brooks Orpik is teaming up with the “You Can Play” campaign.  Pensblog broke the story here:

“What matters to me and my teammates? A player with a hard slap shot. A player with awesome puck-handling skills. A player who can shoot. A guy who can help our team win”

Patrick Burke founded the campaign after his brother died and it’s been making a lot of traction as the playoffs continue.    The Post-Gazette interviews Orpik here, and he really does seem like a class act:

Orpik said the reaction he has received since his video was released last week “has been nothing but positive.” But he knows negative reaction might be coming from those fans who have no idea what the words “tolerant” and “accepting” mean. “If I do hear anything negative, it’ll probably be from people who have a problem with themselves and don’t like who they are.”

Check out the video here, and the comments from the Pensblog fans in the youtube comments make it just as much fun as the sad comments on the Pirates video.

A visualization of the PAT cuts

The Roundabout, the PG’s transportation blog, has an awesome image up, showing the impact of the upcoming PAT cuts.  I’ll try to embed the image below, but sometimes the PG blocks that, in any case, you can see it here.

The word was thrown around a lot during the last round of cuts, but Draconian does seem to fit.  Maybe I’m a little bitter since for the second time I’ll be losing my bus route.  And this time I really can’t find an alternative.

More Mr. Rogers

I’ve been clearing out a lot of backlogged links, so if you saw this before, my apologies, but it’s always good to hear more abut Mr. Rogers, even if I just posted about him the other day.

Andrew Sullivan shares stories about his interactions with a young man with cerebral palsy here, and readers offer their own thoughts and reflections here.

The Pirates join the It Gets Better Campaign

The Pirates are the first of the three main sports teams in Pittsburgh to make an “It Gets Better” Video, which aired in PNC Park before a recent game.   Check out the video here.

The Pirates are also working on programs to support local LGBT organizations, and President Frank Coonelly had this to say:

We feel it is important to get the message out that there is no place in our society for bullying anyone for any reason,” he said. “The organization is pleased to utilize our resources to help call attention to this subject and to encourage those that have been a victim of bullying to come forward and seek help.

Pittsburgh City Paper covers the story here, and my favorite comment comes from YouTube, looking at the irony of the most-loosing professional sports team saying that “It Gets Better.”


Mr. Rogers for adults

There is an amazing new YouTube channel, taking clips from Mr. Rogers, from his shows, interviews behind-the-scenes footage, and edits them together for one minute clips.

The clips are great lessons for adults, and it’s so amazing to be reminded of how kind and gentle of a man he really was. It makes me miss him even more.

The clips are planned to be aired before movies around the area, and I can’t wait to see that.

Check out the YouTube channel here.

Bucs vs Reds

Already got fireworks for the two run homer, and more coming up after the game.

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